Tuesday, June 30, 2009

'Considering our history with United Fruit Company we should not be meddling, but as long as Hugo, Raul and Fidel agree, I can meddle too'

Yes the AG of Honduras should have clapped the president, and every other citizen in irons who took part in executing the illegal referendum to be.

Yes they should have allowed the made in Venezuela ballots, and other imports, to be distributed and set the stage for civil war and or the end of democracy.

Yes they should have adhered to Barack Obama's sense of right and wrong (they are right and we are wrong) and aided in the ascendance of forces inimical to the freedom and security of the not only the Honduran people, but OUR people.

Why don't we just let the Hondurans whose ruling and opposition parties, courts and military ALL AGREE, govern themselves, Barry, and do in our our neighborhood with a REAL democracy, what you ingratiatingly and obsequiously sought to do with genocidal freaks?

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Unknown said...

From what I have read, the UFC provided medical and educational facilities to its workers that far surpassed anything else existing in Honduras at the time. UFC also built the infrastructure by which they export their banana crop to this day.