Sunday, June 28, 2009


Some of you may have already heard or seen the graphic video of 16 year old Iranian Neda getting shot in your heart during a protest in Iran. The footage shows her last minutes as she dies on the streets.

Neda in her death has become a rallying cry for disheartened Iranian reformists and their supporters, after the shady reelection of Pres Ah-My-Didja-God.

Many American supporters have been posting the video on social networking sites like and in order to press the issue while the fire is hot (meanwhile Pres Baby Jesus waits ... and waits... and waits... and waits... before speaking out).

I do not deny the use of Neda's death for propaganda purposes on the side of the (mostly young) reformist movement in Iran. What DOES interest me is the outcry Americans have had when anyone in the media attempts to show the beheading of American Nick Berg or images of 9-11 itself. Instead, this is typical conservative fear-mongering.

Why is the young generation especially more apt to make viral the video of an Iranian murder as an attempt to rally against an enemy, while on the other hand censor a video which represents unequivocally who the BAD GUY (yes I said BAD GUY) is, he who wants to deny us our own culture, wholly Western and uniquely American.

Is it your cool politics? Is it the "brown skinned"? The haves and the have nots? The non-Catholic? What is it?



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midnight rider said...

Thank you Sir P. A very good friend of mine is also friend's with Nick's family. As you imagine, that video was devastating. I assure you a day doesn't go by he doesn't think of Nick, nor can I see him or think of him and not remember Nick.

As it should be.

Pastorius said...

Neda, Nick Berg, 9/11, and Beslan (as typified in the Beslan Pieta photograph which is featured in our masthead flash).

These are the iconic images of the Great Jihadist War on Civilization.

Since we have not actually begun to fight back, this war still deserves to be named after the evil people.

When we start to fight back, it will be called The War Of The Infidels.

Stogie said...

The grisly videotaped murder of Nick Berg haunted me for many weeks. It instilled in me an intractable hatred for Islam, possibly the most vile ideology ever foisted on the human race.

Pastorius said...

The 7/7 bombings did that for me, for reasons I will not discuss publicly.

Judith -Slayer of Holofernes (aka Madame Scherzo) said...

These animals can't figure out friend from foe. Daniel Pearl was naive about the jihad, so was Berg, and Berg's father still is, from what he's said publicly. In the end, all these sons of Allah could see that they were jews. Nothing else mattered to them.
All those fools who think we can dialog with these murderers will find out YET AGAIN that in the end, it won't matter, because we are all filthy infidels.

Anonymous said...

That's all fine. But we haven't gotten to my point, which is why do Americans deny such footage, hide it away, prefer to forget about it, while on the other hand easily disseminate propaganda for Iranian Reformists (for example), and I am especially referencing the youth. Guilt, modesty of being the Super Power of the Western World? Where does this lead us? Culturcide of Europe?

Jaujau said...

At what point do we become immune to such images? It seems we are at that point already.

Anonymous said...

sir publius asks:"why do Americans deny such footage, hide it away, prefer to forget about it, while on the other hand easily disseminate propaganda for Iranian Reformists (for example), and I am especially referencing the youth"?

The msm controls what the American public is witness to . . .and to what degree they are exposed to it.

Only a few hours into reporting 9/11, the decision was made to not show footage of the tower jumpers. At the time, I understood the explanation as protecting surviving families.

Post 7/7, the only post event survivor stories that made it into the msm were from those who did not comprehend jihad and spoke openly about 'forgiveness' and how foreign policy was to blame.

Beslan . . .what do you see in the news about global memorials for the Beslan school massacre today? More than 1,100 people (including some 777 children) taken hostage and 334 hostages killed, including 186 children. You couldn't find a more pointed stick to poke at "Islam is Peace" than the Beslan murder, rape and decapitation of innocent children.

The msm is complicit with toning down/silencing counter jihad rhetoric. It doesn't fit the whurled peas globalist surrender manifesto. How much has the muslim ME invested in our msm to date? Consider also how rapidly and thoroughly the UN has become the piston arm of the 57 nation OIC political machine. Infiltration on a scale that overwhelms the senses, covert and by invitation thanks to our Dhimmi in chief and the liberal mindset. Ponder whether Orwell would be moved/surprised/impressed by the resonance-absorbtion-adaptation of his novels.

The_Editrix said...

What it is?

It is, that they haven't the slightest interest in democracy or freedom in a Western sense or they wouldn't wear provocatively and demonstratively green and shout Allahu Akbar from the rooftops. It's Mullah A's boyz and gals versus Mullah B's boyz and gals.

This man got it to a "T".

The_Editrix said...

I forgot to add: Why should THEY, of all people, have any interest in a dead American?

Pastorius said...

Sir P,
I think you are right, we have guilt, and a misplaced sense of modesty about being the SuperPower of the world.

We are also inculcated in the bizarre notion that the only people who can truly suffer in this world are brown-skinned people. We believe we can not truly suffer. 9/11 was a shock to us, but we were back buzzing around, economically and socially in about four or five months.

We are ants in the great anthill. Some kid comes along and kicks the anthill down. The ants don't even think about who the kid is, or why he would kick it down, or how to prevent him from doing it again. They just immediately set to reconstructing the anthill.

Our notions of Freedom and Democracy, at this point, have been bought down to the common denominator, "You don't own me."

That's about all we know of who we are. In other words, we see our God-given sense of individuality, and the Freedoms which come along with it only in the sense of the adversarial, and that adversarial relationship is only between each other.

We see no responsibility for each other.

And, the only responsibility we feel is to those who don't have it as good as we do, those in other countries.

That being said, you must also acknowledge that without Beslan, 7/7, and the rest of the 12,000 shocks and horrors the Muslim world have treated us to since 9/11, 9/11 may have seemed like an isolated incident brought to fruition by a madman working with sycophants.

All the other things that have happened have only served to make us aware that this Jihadist violence (assault - massacre - abomination) is the result of a wider ideology which permeates an entire part of the world. The world of Islam is on fire with evil in the same way as Nazi Germany was.

It is almost impossible to comprehend that a whole people can become so enamored with evil.

Anonymous said...

S.A.V. is a new vaccine I am working on to rectify the many problems we are experiencing with regard to infidels who can't or won't perceive reality.

When injected, S.A.V. immediately resets an infidel's unbridled curiosity and natural fear of the unknown to what it was prior to the child's parents allowing the MSM and pop culture to damage or inhibit them.

Other beneficial effects of the vaccine include:

An immediate and profound realization that the subject, and the time period he lives in, are indeed inextricably and intimately linked to the entire sweep of human history, and that he can actually be personally affected by events that happened long before he was actually born!

Some test subjects report a feeling of intense amazement when they realize that history is not broken down into discreet, compartmentalized four-year chunks that do not touch or influence one another in any way.

Other beneficial effects, such as the ability to think critically about a subject for more than a few seconds, as well as the application of *comparative analysis* to help distinguish fact from fallacy, have also been noted.

Although the precise formulation of the S.A.V (Situational Awareness Vaccine) is still under development, and lab testing has not yet yielded the aforementioned benefits, the theoretical basis of the vaccine is quite sound.

Theoretical testing has been conducted using 30cc's of a saline solution placebo, in combination with having the lab technician briskly slap the face of the test subject several times, and administer a swift kick to the patient's testicles.

The_Editrix said...

"...we [the USA] have guilt, and a misplaced sense of modesty about being the SuperPower of the world."

That is the greatest tragedy and injustice in modern times, and I hope that it won't backfire one day. Imagine a world without America and then think of all the flak you got and are getting. Even thinking of it makes me mad.