Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Viva Honduras Libre

"Nobody, not Barack Obama and much less Hugo Chavez, has any right to threaten this country."
Honduran President Roberto Micheletti Bain

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the delay in posting this material, but I had some personal issues and have been involved, to a certain degree, directly in the occurrences in Honduras over the weekend.

For the record my father was a "company" man for many years and conducted a plethora of activities in Latin America, especially Honduras during the Contras period in the '80's.

He has, moreover, been engaging in business in that Central American nation for well over 40 years...I know all aspects of Honduras quite well.

Let me commence by dispelling what many, even some on the right, have categorized as a "coup".

Amongst the best analysis which I can associate myself with, I cite the following links:

Our very own Pastorius who cited an incisive article from the WSJ by Mary Anastasia O'Grady, at The Astute Bloggers. (hey, where is my hat tip?)

The hard core Cuban American boys at Babalu Blog never disappoint.

The irrepressible Fausta who called this early for what it was and is here and here.

Creative Minority Blog also discerned the veracity of the events.

Susan at Wake Up America comes through again.

Right Wing News' John Hawkins rightly bashes the Obama administration's hypocrisy.

The New Nixon reinforces the "meddling" angle.

And last but not least I am honored to report to my fellow Infidels that Gateway Pundit elevated one of my comments yesterday and incorporated it into his post today:

More... Carlos Echevarria adds this:

Gateway, this is not a coup, this is the Honduran Armed Forces carrying out an order of the Supreme Court of Honduras and the congress, as well as military leaders that refused to buckle to Zelaya's attempt to fully Chavez-ize the nation....Today is a day of liberty in Honduras.

Yesterday was a Day of Days in Honduras.

I thank God that Roberto Micheletti Bain, former leader of the National Congress (as mandated by the Constitution) is now the de jure President of Honduras.

Whom would have ever advanced an argument that one day, the nation pejoratively referred to as a "banana republic", would by their actions demonstrate to United States and to the world an unbinding resolve and adherence to liberty, order and justice.

God Bless the glorious armed services of Honduras (whose special forces are trained by Americans and Israelis) which upheld the honor and decency of a nation which refused to condemn itself to darkness and tyranny.

As a final aside, today our dear family friend, whom had just met with my father on Thursday in Tegucigalpa, has been named Foreign Minister of Honduras, Dr. Enrique Ortez Colindres.

He is a career, senior level Ambassador with long tenures in France, under different administrations, and at the United Nations. A staunch anti-communist and pro-American to boot! (of course not Barry's Amerika)

So today, like yesterday, I exclaim, "God Bless Honduras y Viva Honduras Libre!!!"

Oh, and by the way, I have been apprised through back channels that the "Ambassadors" from Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador, etc. had been forcibly expelled and in the case of both the Cuban and Venezuelan diplomats, they were the recipients of thundering violence due to their obstreperous nature!!!


Stogie said...

Excellent coverage! I stand with Honduras, a great nation! This article is another home run for Infidel Bloggers Alliance; thank you for it.

I have added both Fausta's Blog and the Babalu Boys to my list of links. Thanks for pointing them out.

midnight rider said...

The only other person I have ever heard use the word ostreperous is my Mom :)

Great work here, buddy.

christian soldier said...

Great post ---thank you for the heads up to those who fight for freedom in Honduras and the aknowledgement of the cooperation of our military in helping to train the military of Honduras...some of us knew that it was not a coup...

As an artist -I couldn't help but notice the fabulous sculptures in the video especially the huge one high on the hill-is it Christ?

Seeing that the ACLU is trying to take down all of the crosses here-I appreciate such a display as the one in the video...
Thank you - again...

Pastorius said...

Great post, Carlos. Thanks.

I'm going to add my post from the Astute Bloggers to our front page. But, I'll keep yours at the top.

I love this part of your post:

" ... the "Ambassadors" from Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador, etc. had been forcibly expelled and in the case of both the Cuban and Venezuelan diplomats, they were the recipients of thundering violence due to their obstreperous nature!!!"

That is great fucking news. I love great news.

Hey Carlos. Wanna be on my radio show tomorrow night? 9:00 PM Caliphornia time.


Anonymous said...

I am a Honduran Citizen asking for the international community to support US, meaning all the millions citizens from Honduras who claim for peace and democracy, we support our goverment lead by Roberto Micheletti. We disliked the way Zelaya guided by Chavez was taking our country to Albas ideologies, more poberty, and corruption. Since Zelaya´s friendship with Chavez, suddenly once a week we had an airplane crashed in Honduras´ land filled with drugs, and nobody ever knew anything. Please International community support all honduran citizens and not a single honduran Citizen named Manuel Zelaya just because he had the job of bieng the President of the Republic even though he didn´t care for Honduras real problems like health, earthquakes,education or any good for our country.

Anonymous said...

Quote ="God Bless the glorious armed services of Honduras (whose special forces are trained by Americans and Israelis) which upheld the honor and decency of a nation which refused to condemn itself to darkness and tyranny."


Ellen K said...

Does anyone else feel tremors of concern over the fact that our president seems to side with a dictator that is trying to illegally amend the Honduran constitution to allow him to be El Presidente for life? This man is a self-avowed ally of Hugo Chavez, a man who has repeatedly denounce the United States, insulted us without response in front of our own president and who has used similar tactics to assure his own lifetime appointment as leader of his nation. Should we be concerned that yet again, someone in Congress is pushing for a removal of term limits on the office of the president? And knowing how Pelosi and her gang of thugs pushed through cap and trade unread, shouldn't we be wary of what is hidden in the detail? Color me concerned.

Pastorius said...

I think you've got every right to be concerned. Obama is on the wrong side all the time.

For me, it was very strange to see him standing with Merkel last week condemning the actions of the Iranian government. That was out of character with everything else he has done since he's been President.

I wonder why Merkel even bothered standing there with him? I guess she has to, because Germany has business and other things in the works with the U.S.

But, problem is, that press conference gave Obama legitimacy he does not deserve. It provided him cover.

Pastorius said...

To the Honduran commenters, for what it's worth, many Americans are with you, even if our President sides with thugs.

Carlos Echevarria said...

I want to thank all of you for your support and staunch vigilance.

Things are moving quickly in that small nation, and I will provide here my Infidel brothers and sisters exclusive info, as much as possible.

But be rest assured that a tiny nation, in the grand scheme of things, has demonstrated to the world and to our beloved Republic, what freedom really means.

Today, I will take the liberty of speaking on our behalf, WE ARE ALL CITIZENS OF HONDURAS, LIKE FRANKLIN REMARKED VIS A VIS THE FRENCH.

BTW, remember that WE are now in power and I am here for any requests, be they economical or political...

Anonymous said...

So your father was involved with the torture and dissaperances and the meddling in the honduran's politics during the contras?
jezz, so this kind of people is the one that support coups...

Carlos Echevarria said...

Why is it that evertime a goose stepping member of intl jihad/socialism incorporated leaves a pejorative comment, they are invariably "anonymous".

Because at their core, they are cowards...

Honduras was and remained up till the government of Mel Zelaya a staunch ally of the USA. (as well as Israel and Taiwan)

The contras were freedom fighters which forced that squalid regime in Managua to hold elections and lose to Violeta Chamorro.

I really can't discuss the modalities of his behavior but let's just say that many of your fellow comrades was sent to the workers paradise of Marx, Lenin and Stalin...that is to say Hell!