Monday, June 29, 2009

How do you solve a problem like sharia?

It’s reported today that there are now 85 sharia courts in Britain.

This is 17 times higher than previously accepted, says a Daily Mail story.

OK, we know they’re not legally recognised and any judgments have to be ratified. But that, apparently, is easily done, and it’s women who lose out, because Islamic law belongs in the Dark Ages and doesn’t give a toss about human dignity and equality.

“The spread of sharia law has become increasingly controversial since its role was backed last year by Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams and Lord Phillips, the Lord Chief Justice, who stepped down last October,” says the Mail, citing a study by an Islam specialist, Denis McEoin. The story continues:

The report added: “The fact that so many sharia rulings in Britain relate to cases concerning divorce and custody of children is of particular concern, as women are not equal in sharia law, and sharia contains no specific commitment to the best interests of the child that is fundamental to family law in the UK.

“Under sharia, a male child belongs to the father after the age of seven, regardless of circumstances.”

It said: “Sharia courts operating in Britain may be handing down rulings that are inappropriate to this country because they are linked to elements in Islamic law that are seriously out of step with trends in Western legislation.”

More appeasing and kowtowing by our politicians, who ought to be stamping this evil out, and insisting that all disputes that require a decision that will have legal status be begun and ended in proper courts, not imported kangaroo courts run for invisible sky fairies and ancient scriptures rather than real people, living now, in this country, facing 21st-century problems.
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