Friday, June 26, 2009

" ... if he speaks to common people, he glorifies them, to nationalists, he emphasizes anti-Semitism, to Jews, he seems a genuine son of Zionism

From Babba Zee:

Russia appoints new ambassador to Ukraine, and soon Ukraine will have a new president of Vlad's choosing
.....if he speaks to common people, he glorifies them, if he speaks to nationalists, he emphasizes anti-Semitism, if he speaks to Jews, he appears in front of them as a genuine son of the Zionist nation. He is another Ukrainian absurdity attempting to replace Yushchenko, who in his turn has become not even a lame duck, but a toilet duck,” the scientist said.

Please, pay close attention to this statement because this is the same hooplebabble coming from all your Euro-Fascist parties and is the primary reason so many have been duped, fooled and just plain jumped into cahoots with these rehashed Nazi retreads:

"if he speaks to nationalists, he emphasizes anti-Semitism, if he speaks to Jews, he appears in front of them as a genuine son of the Zionist nation."


All your so called NATIONALIST types today are knocking each other over claiming to be the true champions of Israel, and for two reasons:

One, it ostensibly separates them in the eyes of the public from the views of the Left and Islam.

Two, it shores up their own nationalistic ambitions - 

IOW, if the Jews can have a sovereign state so can we, they use ISRAEL as a justification for their own agendas.

These MFers hate us as much as they hate the Muslims. Probably more. 

They intend to use the jihad to get rid of the Jews while simultaneously wearing Islam as wings. 

Jihad is their golden opportunity to seize power, and they know it. Already this is happening all over the world. It is very simple, really, and if you can not see it, it is simply because you do not want to. 

The enemy of your enemy is your friend? The expedience of it apeals to lazy asses. 

So eventually we will all have to pay for your idiotic, staggering and willful lapse in discerment. 

Forgive me if I neglect to thank you.

Speaking of entryism, bearding and re branding:
(they have ALL done it over the last 7 years)

European socialists change name to accommodate Italian lawmakers 
Brussels - The Socialist group in the European Parliament on Tuesday changed its name to accommodate left-of-centre lawmakers from Italy. At a meeting in Brussels, its 183 members agreed to rename their group The Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats. The grouping, the second-largest in the European Parliament, was formerly known as the Party of European Socialists.

Pastorius comment: I can testify to what Babba is saying here. She says they "hate us as much as the Muslims, probably more." I have been threatened by Nationalist-types as many times as I have been threatened by Muslims.


Anonymous said...

Europe is polarising between Nationalists and Muslims/Marxists, with the the middle ground rapidly dissappearing.

The main reason that this is happenning is that none of the mainstream parties will even acknowledge that Islam is a problem.

For various reasons, Islamisation has become the elephant in the room - a taboo subject which everybody can see but nobody but the Nationalists will even discuss.

There is no easy way out of this because the mainstream parties are all complicit in Islamic colonisation, and are all chasing Muslim votes from their rapidly growing population.

The process will continue with the 'middle ground' parties who are least successful in attracting the Muslim votes getting squeezed out, leading to an ever increasing vicious circle of polarization.

The eventual result will be a continent-wide civil war which will rapidly become a world war between Dar al-Harb and Dar al-Islam.

Anonymous said...

does anybody here know the talmud, the torah, the old testament to counter argument what this islamofacist is talking about over here?

Pastorius said...

I have no idea how to discuss such verses from the Bible.

You should ask BabbaZee:

Babba knows the Bible/Torah very well.

Pastorius said...

To the first Anonymous commenter,

It truly is the fault of the mainstream political parties. One could say that all the individual Europeans are personally responsible for their bad choices, and that would be true.

However, if one looks at "Lynching Postcards" one will find "salt of the Earth" types, in their Sunday best, carrying picnic baskets, standing around a lynched black man.

The values of the greater society in the South in the early 1900's are what made it so that normal people would think that such a horrific thing would be good Sunday entertainment. We are, unfortunately, herd creatures still.

Only a truly morally refined person is able to stand against the tide of his culture. There are not too many people like that.

You can also see this in Germany. Germany was a decent civilized nation, and then after Hitler took over, most of the society was complicit in his barbaric agenda. How did this happen? They followed the herd.

Anonymous said...

Pastorius, thank you. And thank you to Epaminondas too.