Monday, September 17, 2012


We have not seen the last of the Occupy Movement. Believe me.

You can expect to watch Occupy play a big role in the weeks leading up to the election.

That's my prediction.

Check this out, as AP (in what is ostensibly a "news piece" waxes poetic about how "Occupy is in disarray".

From AP:

1 year on, Occupy is in disarray; spirit lives on

NEW YORK (AP) — Occupy Wall Street began to disintegrate in rapid fashion last winter, when the weekly meetings in New York City devolved into a spectacle of fistfights and vicious arguments.
Punches were thrown and objects were hurled at moderators' heads. Protesters accused each other of being patriarchal and racist and domineering. Nobody could agree on anything and nobody was in charge. The moderators went on strike and refused to show up, followed in quick succession by the people who kept meeting minutes. And then the meetings stopped altogether.
In the city where the movement was born, Occupy was falling apart.
"We weren't talking about real things at that point," says Pete Dutro, a tattoo artist who used to manage Occupy's finances but became disillusioned by the infighting and walked away months ago. "We were talking about each other."
The trouble with Occupy Wall Street, a year after it bloomed in a granite park in lower Manhattan and spread across the globe, is that nobody really knows what it is anymore. To say whether Occupy was a success or a failure depends on how you define it.
Occupy is a network. Occupy is a metaphor. Occupy is still alive. Occupy is dead. Occupy is the spirit of revolution, a lost cause, a dream deferred.
I believe this article is subterfuge and deflection. A headfake. Look at my right hand, so you don't see what my left hand is doing.

Occupy, along with it's sister group Anonymous, is behind much of what is happening in the "news" these days. Just watch.

I would love to be wrong. But, I think we're going to see a fire in the next six weeks. A big one.

And, it will be started by those who were behind Occupy Wall Street.

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A reason for Obama to suspend the election?