Friday, October 31, 2014

Election = More of the last 4 years of entropy, or a Constitutional crisis? You all ready?

That’s right sports fans.

We are either going to have divisive claims of woman hating, do nothing, racist (see every election ad in the last 10 days) sound bytes centered on 2016 and IGNORING the actual problems here and in the world, or we are going to have a constitutional crisis over Mr. Obama SHOWING US he knows what being president to transform America really means.

It’s going to come over amnesty, Health Care, Budget, Military, Business, Taxes, Climate, Resources, Fracking, Drilling, Banking every category you can imagine the voted will of the people in the House and Senate is going to be met by the well meaning mistake of 2008, and the CYNICAL LIES EUCHRING the American people in 2012.

This will go on over vetoes, and finally in court until Obama decides to match his will against 34 democratic Senators who will vote to NOT CONVICT.
We will all be treated to ever more bitter claims of racism, and misogyny by republicans. And EVER GROWING suspicions by one side of the other since progress in Congress will no longer end in Harry Reid’s draw.

And that is the best case (meaning if R’s can actually PASS STUFF - which remains to be seen)

The only way this is avoided is if Obama becomes PRACTICAL and performs the day to day requisites of his job which he hates - contact with his real enemy, not ISIS, not Bibi, not the Mullahs, - the leaders of the cracker opposition - Rubio, Cruz, hopefully Mia Love, and those other R’s WHO HAPPEN TO BE VANILLA in color but R by character- TO ACHIEVE COMPROMISE


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Anonymous said...

We're going to see Obama fatigue.

The media has thrown away all credibility and are now beginning to come to grips with the true nature of the man they supported. They expected Obama to show gratitude for the unquestioning support they've given, for the reputations they've risked. But Obama has no gratitude. He expects it, and demands even more.

His big money donors are seeing the same thing. Despite all the cash they've given it isn't enough, will never be enough. There will be continual fundraisers and they will be expected to keep up, even step up, the flow of money.

Obama is now resented and even despised by most of his prominent enablers. They've figured out that he's a heartless user. They realize that he's a rapist and they've been raped.

Over the next two years these folks will be scrambling about looking for s soft landing somewhere and won't find one easy. A lot of folks will never recover. For example: "Pinch" no longer owns the NY Times, Carlos Slim does. What does that portend for the so-called "paper of record?"

Obama will react as a powerless monarch, screaming for attention and obedience, while his former allies try to distance themselves without being wounded fatally.

It will be a disgraceful and very dangerous final act. Two years from now I don't believe we will be worrying over the trivialities that dominate the news and political campaigns today. The issues will be far more existential.