Thursday, October 30, 2014

Chickenshit-‘gate’ was INEVITABLE


They don’t like each other, VISCERALLY and never did - THEREFORE..
They have poor ability to have faith in each other, leading to GRAVE MISTRUST, incorrect conclusions and finally name calling which is so manifest it has spread to other members of the govts who are so inured to what these leaders REALLY ARE SAYING it breaks into the realm of real world public info.

For Netanyahu (and the bulk of Israeli leaders..and people..just look at any poll) the real problem is the lack of faith that Obama BELIEVES Israel is in the right, in physical danger, and is a valuable, PERHAPS irreplaceable American ally in the ME.

For Obama, the goal is a peace in the ME and Israel’s intransigence and lack of faith in American purposes is a needless and aggravating issue, and their settlements PROVE they are not in the right.

This problem with THIS president was INEVITABLE.

Lost in this melee btw was the American official’s bland comment that it was “too late” for Israel to stop Iran from getting nukes. Which tells us that the USA HAS ACCEPTED IRAN WITH NUKES.

Wait until there is a detente and agreement with these racist freaks in Iran. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

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