Friday, October 24, 2014

UK Islamist Cleric: British Law Is Invalid In Britain

From the Express:
RADICAL cleric Anjem Choudary sparked fury today by declaring he ‘doesn’t accept’ that British law is valid in the UK. 
The 46-year-old hate preacher made the extraordinary statement when asked if jihadist fighters returning from Syria should have their passports confiscated and be charged under anti-terror laws. 
Choudary blasted: “I don’t accept British law. If you have a law, you need to apply it universally. These laws are only being applied against Muslims. 
“This [anti-terror legislation] is purely being hyped-up to support the bombing campaign that is taking place in Iraq and Syria.” 
He also spoke of his support for Islamic State (ISIS) and claimed a ban on jihadists returning to Britain would ‘alienate’ the Muslim community. 
He added: “If these guys have actually not committed any crime in England, then why are we stopping them returning? 
“I think it’s a very ill thought-out policy, I don’t think it will work. 
“I think it will disenfranchise the Muslim community here, I think it would be a cause of further radicalisation in this country.”

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