Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Colonel Kurtz Land: In the ISIS Capitol, Women Walk Past Headless Corpses, Heads On Spikes Without Raising An Eyebrow

From the Daily Mail:
For months its brutality has been documented in propaganda designed to frighten the world into considering its terrorist cause. 
But footage of life under the rule of ISIS has revealed the lasting effects of the group’s barbarity, with women and children strolling past the decapitated bodies of Syrian soldiers in the city of Raqqa without giving them a second glance. 
Unaffected by the sight of the decaying corpses, civilians do not even acknowledge the men’s impaled heads positioned on fences across the city which has become a recruiting hub for extremists. 
It is among the most gruesome hallmarks of life under the group’s control since jihadis stormed President Assad’s army and took hold earlier this year. The video, filmed in July, offers a rare glimpse into civilian life since ISIS launched a campaign of terror against Syria and Iraq. 
Scattered corpses lie on pavements and roads with some tied to fencing, their severed heads stuck between their legs, as black-clad ISIS fighters patrol the streets.   
In other parts of the town preachers urge children, with black balaclavas disguising their innocent faces, to disobey their parents and join the militant group.

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