Saturday, November 29, 2014

Cully Hamner dislikes Fox News for all the wrong reasons

Comics artist Hamner linked to a video of a Bill O'Reilly interview with Ted Koppel, who says Fox News is "bad" for America:

Koppel only elicits a yawn, since there's nothing he has to say I couldn't have seen coming already. He complains Fox supposedly makes it difficult for certain people in Congress to reach across the aisle and make compromise, except not every Democrat - the party I assume he's talking about - cares to do that. And Hamner thinks that's great? Sorry, it's just lethargic.

And this is another moment where I like to at least half chuckle at the weird way these comics creators overlook a dark downside to Rupert Murdoch: his relations with Saudi prince al-Walid bin Talal, who owns a huge share of NewsCorp. And it's not like Fox is innocent of negativity to conservatives (I don't even care about O'Reilly, who bores me to sleep), so assuming Hamner really does think Fox is 100 percent pro-conservative to the point he hates them for that reason, I've never understood why. If he knew about these deeper facts, would that change his opinion? Probably not, though it'd still be odd.

That said, Koppel is a crummy lot himself, and Hamner's being foolish to rely on somebody like him.

Update: Hamner and another awful writer have signaled their contempt for people like us with the following:

Forget Waters, what's disturbing is how Hamner has gleefully blabbered about spending time with Meltzer's books. But no matter. Because guess what, Hamner? Any self-respecting woman who finds out what kind of people and their products you're going out of your way to uphold is going to develop a very low opinion of you, not the least being some of your female peers in comicdom! Even if they don't say so publicly, there's every chance they'll be feeling serious distaste with you. And you probably know that, right? Well, keep in mind for now that one day, it could lead to some serious embarrassment at the conventions.

Oh, and Hamner? The only work you've done I ever cared for was your first - Green Lantern: Mosaic. Afterwards, it's all downhill from there. So don't pat yourself on the back so quickly.

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