Monday, November 24, 2014

Memo to Jeb Bush: These Guys Might Indeed Be Coming for Love. But It's the Love of Beheading

From Viral Buzz

ISIS Fighters Caught Coming Across Mexican Border into Texas

By Bill Chandler


My question: Will ISIS fighters be given work permits and social security cards, as will the beloved, morally superior "Dreamers"?

With this administration, all bets are off.

To Article on ISIS Fighters Crossing Into the Country


Anonymous said...

The specific date of Obama's executive amnesty/treason announcement is significant to muhammedans.
11/20/2014 coincides with the Islamic date Safar 27/28...Safar (صفر) is the second month in the Islamic calendar.

Literal meaning of "Safar": Empty. During this month the houses used to be empty and deserted because the ban on going to war in the month of Muharram came to an end and everyone proceeded towards the battlefield. Some people have superstitious beliefs regarding this month i.e. it is a month of misfortune and calamities.

Historic Islamic events on this date:
=====>27 Safar, MIGRATION (Hijrah) from Makkah to Madinah by Muhammad - launching the birth of violent jihad - conversion by sword.

M-I-G-R-A-T-I-O-N as in "illegal migration" from south of our nation's border!

=====>28 Safar, Martyrdom of Imam Hasan ibn ‘Alī, grandson of Muhammad and 5th Caliph of Islam
Why is the Islamic date even worth mentioning? Consider recent events:
Gates of Vienna: What Happened at the National Cathedral Last Friday?
On Friday November 14, 2014 the Episcopal Church in the United States hosted an “ecumenical” Muslim prayer service at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. The date
was the 100th anniversary to the day of the last jihad declared against non-Muslims by the last Caliph, the sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

also: Allah praised on Congressional House floor by same NJ imam

via Breitbart report posted 11/18/2014:
Residents along the U.S.-Mexico border have noticed that the number of illegal immigrants trying to unlawfully enter the United States increases every time President Barack Obama "opens his mouth" regarding amnesty

Nicoenarg said...

A couple of things about the above comment.

Safar literally means "travel" not "empty".

The ban on going to war during Muharram was a pagan nicety that Mohammed didn't adhere to. It has got nothing to do with Islam. Muzzles go to war in Muharram, Ramadan, whatever other month.

Hasan was never a caliph of Islam. Muawiyah took that post after Ali. Besides, no one ever says "5th Caliph of Islam". There are 4 original caliphs of Islam (in Sunni Islam). The rest don't matter that much to be given a title such as 5th or 6th etc.

Lastly, Hijra began on the 26th of Safar. If anything, Obama missed a day.

Anonymous said...

Nico, interesting. Such misunderstandings should be avoided ...fwiw, the source for my statement with the incorrect translation/misinterpretation is found here: wiki.

Nicoenarg said...


Yeah I'm not surprised that Wiki got it wrong. They also say the word Allah means God which obviously any honest Arabic scholar would tell you is wrong (I am by no means claiming to be an Arabic scholar, btw).

The thing about Hasan being the 5th caliph and all that may be because of internal conflict at the time (like always) between Muslims where Hasan was in the running for the post of the Caliph but he had little to no support. Muawiyah had the support and he became the caliph, giving control of Mecca and Medina to Hasan because he was the grandson of the child rapist Momo.

Some folks like to include Hasan in the list of the original caliphs but that is BS...just like most everything about Islam is BS.

Nicoenarg said...

Just to put the Hasan thing in perspective, calling him a caliph is like calling Jefferson Davis one of the presidents of the United States of America.

Pastorius said...

My cock is the Caliph.

Pastorius said...

Wait, was that an inappropriate comment?

Epaminondas said...

Keep it real guys... it's ESSENTIAL .., snopes on Hunter's claims:

Epaminondas said...

Or just click HERE