Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What The Fuck Is The Matter With These People: Friend Who Spoke At Memorial Service For Beheaded British Aid Worker Alan Henning Defends The Islamic State

Majid Freeman

From the Telegraph:
A speaker at the memorial service for Alan Henning, the British hostage murdered by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, has posted on social media apparently justifying Isil, promoting al-Qaeda and expressing sympathy for Syrian jihadist “martyrs”. 
Majid Freeman, a charity worker from Leicester, was with Mr Henning when he was abducted in Syria last year. He has been quoted in the media as a friend of the aid volunteer and has criticised the Government for “abandoning” him. 
On Oct 13, Mr Freeman addressed mourners including Mr Henning’s widow and children at the memorial service in Manchester, describing him as a “beautiful, genuine human being” who “went to Syria to help” at a time when the whole international community “were paying mere lip service”. 
However, two weeks later, on his Facebook page, Mr Freeman asked for “dua”, or prayers, for the brothers of a British Isil terrorist, Ifthekar Jaman, who have been charged in connection with an alleged Syrian terrorist plot. 
On Oct 19, he posted a link on his Facebook page to a YouTube video by Ghassan Ibn Kamal, which presents Isil as a reasonable response to Western foreign policy. Mr Freeman wrote: “This brother hit the nail on the head.”

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Anonymous said...

With "friends" like him, who needs enemies?

What proof is there that he didn't actually hand over his "friend" to his executioners?