Friday, November 28, 2014

Time magazine’s POPULAR results for MAN OF THE YEAR voting


Always On Watch said...

Welcome to the devolution of America.

Pastorius said...

Ferguson protestors?


Well, I guess there is no more hope.

Seriously, why fucking try anymore?

Tammy Swofford said...

I agree. What the firetruck! Ferguson protesters? We should torch their arses in same manner the torched a town.

Malala? That is all smoke and mirrors, political dog and pony show. She suffered and survived a gunshot wound to the head. That does not make her the stuff of legend. Her legend is a political construct.

I suppose if Michael Brown had survived the shot to his head be would be next year's recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. Can't make this stuff up.

Man of the Year? Joe the Plumber - or some hard working blue collar taxpayer.

* The gatekeeper wants me to write "Unsinewed beaustai" to prove I am not a robot. What the hell is an Unsinewed beaustai? wink


Pastorius said...

Can't be Obama. He's all sinew.