Monday, November 24, 2014

Jihadi attack on UK ‘inevitable': Police fear a beheading by ‘lone wolf’ in shopping centre and farmers are told to lock up fertiliser to foil bombers

Britain is facing an ‘almost inevitable’ attack by fanatics who have been ‘militarised’ by Islamic State, according to police and security officials.
In speeches today, Theresa May and senior police will warn that the ‘diverse’ terrorist threat posed by jihadis returning from Syria and Iraq is one of the greatest this country has ever faced.
Potential attacks could range from a ‘lone wolf’ beheading in a crowded shopping centre or street, to a bomb plot using fertiliser stolen from British farms. One Whitehall official told the Mail: ‘It is almost inevitable that something is going to happen in the next few months.’


Anonymous said...

from the obituary discussions of Mayor Marion Barry...victim of DC jihad in 1977 ?. Via new English Review/Iconolast. How many other pre-9/11 jihads have we been blinded To?

Anonymous said...

No pity for the Brits. They have been digging their own graves for far too long. They fully deserve what's coming to them, just like we deserve what will be coming to us. Nobody has the right of being that stupid.