Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dash-Cams: More of That Pesky Twenty-first Century Technology All the Muslim Kids are Ululating About

Advice: If you're going to lie, don't do it on video.  Or even better yet, don't lie at all. You know, that whole Ten Commandments thing.  (As an aside, maybe "Don't behead people" should have been number eleven. But I digress.)

From Right Wing News

Muslim Woman Tries to Use Shariah Law on a Cop and Gets an Epic Dose of Justice Instead [VIDEO]


Someone might want to tell this idiot what the actual definition of ‘racism’ is – it has nothing to do with institutional religion or a political philosophy, you moron. And double dunce points for not realizing she was being video taped while lying. A deep, deep stupidity bonus for then doubling-down with the lies and filing a formal complaint, which got her in real trouble. She really tried to cost this policeman his job – her attorney is now claiming that it was not her under that bag. Fail. No wonder she claimed she couldn’t show her face because of her religion. Unfortunately for her and fortunately for everyone else. they don’t have Shariah Law in Australia. Malicious and ruthless describes her perfectly.

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