Saturday, November 22, 2014

Culturist Suicide

With Obama’s promised amnesty for illegal people, America has committed culturist suicide.  Culturism is the belief that a traditional majority culture has the right and duty to protect, promote, and promulgate itself.  This mission is now lost beyond hope.  And this is fatal to America, because cultural diversity is real and important.

Obama claims that his amnesty will impact only 5 million people.  How will they check that?  Who will check that?  Believe me, fraud will be rampant and we do not have the resources or will to check it.  And, this news will – as did Obama’s earlier promise not to deport children – create an enormous spike in illegals.  We no longer have a southern border.

As a culturist, I hold that America had a traditional majority culture that made it great.  Mexicans are not Americans.  They have a different language, holidays, and heroes. Multiculturalism claims we never had a core culture; the US is just as Islamic, Pilipino, etc., as it is Protestant European.  No.  We had a traditional majority culture, and the new immigrants are not of it.

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Anonymous said...

Look, this travesty goes way beyond the number of illegals who will benefit from it.

The first mistake was made by Reagan and Congress. You may argue that Congress passed a law. Yes, a law that rewarded people for breaking the law. That was a first, and then the rest followed.

Special interests kept the border open then, and will keep it open now. And in the meantime, the American people took good notice that the government, or rather the politicians in power, break the law when it is in their benefit (let's call it a taqiyya kind of political doctrine.) Therefore, if those crooks break the law with impunity, why will the common folk have to abide by the law when it is not in their best interest? Let's say when the money they could put to good use for their family, goes into taxes that will benefit causes that are far from the average American's interests?

There were many great things about this country. But in my opinion, and that of my father as well, was the respect for the law. That was one of the main attraction the US had for people escaping countries where laws had the same value they seem to be acquiring now in this country: None! People felt safe here. But ask now people in the Muslim communities. They escaped the hell of shariah in their countries, and felt safe here. Now that the US courts are accepting shariah, Muslims, most of them living in Muslims communities, feel unprotected once more. The US Constitution is no longer the solid rock offering indiscriminate protection. Now a wife looking for a restraining order will be told her husband only acted according to his religious beliefs. And then we are surprised Muslim people are radicalizing? Why? We are forcing them to rely on the wisdom of their imams and their rulings. We are allowing a foreign law to supersede the American law in family courts, and that is a grave mistake, leaving the most vulnerable Americans, women and children, at the mercy of a merciless law.