Saturday, November 22, 2014

“the Committee finds that there was no intelligence failure prior to the attacks”

Mike Rogers, et al of the House Intelligence Committee on Benghazi
NEVER LET IT BE SAID facts not consistent with this writer’s expectation do not IMMEDIATELY get ‘air’
The House Intelligence Committee has released its final report on Benghazi
The committee chairman is Mike Rogers (R-MI), and of course the Republicans sit in majority in this committee.
There are several major points.
This is the first big one which frankly is IPSO FACTO impossible to swallow. It is tantamount to saying ‘oh well, so it goes’.  I am only going to deal with this one thing right now because it says so much of what we are as a nation.
I am going to present this conclusion in the light of JUST ONE other INARGUABLE FACT IN BEING
We could say since it was a known fact that every other western nation had left Benghazi earlier in the year because of danger this ‘intelligence’ was known and therefore encompassed in our intelligence and security processes, and therefore there was no intelligence failure prior to the attacks.
We could say since this was known our processes made a measured decision about the level of security required and there was no intelligence failure prior to the attacks.
We could say since we went through our process of intelligence and security assessments prior to the attacks in the full knowledge of all this there was no intelligence failure prior to the attacks.
Except that we were SURPRISED totally, and since the committee also concludes no stand down order was ever given, and no lack of effort was made the day and night of the attack on our consulate, the people at the consulate and annex were dead the day they were deployed since we knowingly sent them there in the full light of our knowledge about Benghazi.
Are we now accepting that there are events such as this that demand our people just die while we leave our people powerless and conclude , OH WELL, there were no intelligence failures?
Either the failure was one of force or intelligence.
That’s it.
Just as GWB failed to take seriously enough warnings about OBL etc before 9/11 ( another inarguable fact in the light of results), just as Clinton failed in his duty by not killing OBL any of the 4 chances he had (and was argued out of by John Brennan- according to Michael Scheurer), it is a FACT that we failed to protect our people in Benghazi (irrespective of the nascent cause for what happened that night).
That’s it.
We failed by not heeding the intelligence freely available and yet the Committee concludes there was no intelligence failure prior to the attacks?
That is arguing that neither Pearl Harbor, nor 9/11 was an intelligence failure.
Significantly the names Husband E Kimmel and Walter Short do not figure in WW2 after the former, but George Tenet and others REMAINED at CIA after 9/11. FDR and the brass couldn’t fire these guys fast enough, and then FDR went and got the biggest sons of bitches on the planet to run the Army and Navy.
If we can ACCEPT the idea that Benghazi has no intelligence failure attached to it, we had better withdraw from the world.
The report itself, undigested by other organizations ANXIOUS in the extreme to vitiate any errors by Obama et al, is HERE
It’s 37 pages and I found this conclusion so impossible to swallow blithely as if there is nothing which happened that should not have happened in our full process that I had to stop and spew this.
The people are dead therefore there IS ONE..
And politics has NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT

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Anonymous said...

This is sick. Where does this report leave Trey Gowdy's investigation?

Are both investigations somehow related?

If Gowdy is involved in this report, stop the world. I want to get off.