Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Left-wing males hate feminism so much, they side with Islam?

Julie Burchill's written in the UK Spectator why she figures men on the left find Islamisogyny so appealing:
[...] to get all Freudian, I think a lot of the reason that some left-wing men seem to have so much time for Islamism is to do not with race but sex — specifically, with suppressed feelings of resentment towards the march of feminism, which they could never in a million years admit to. After years of being yelled at by female comrades whenever they inquired about the likelihood of a hot beverage being imminent, imagine how excited they must get watching big bad men in balaclavas selling ‘slave girls’ in a sweltering marketplace. It’s like T.E Lawrence getting his dish-dosh in a twist over all those Arab boys you could buy for the price of a melon, and boys called Barnaby fetishising the most woman-hating type of rap music in the pop press, and middle-class man-boys who’ve never been in a fight telling rape jokes — only far, far worse.
I think she's onto something. Make what you will of feminism - it certainly isn't defined very well - this proves some males on the left were never happy supporting it to begin with, maybe not even as an anti-conservative weapon. Islamofascism was surely viewed as the best thing to come down the pike by many of these male muttonheads; the perfect reaction to the female species for wanting to forge their own opinions and destinies. Over the past years, Islamofascism has clearly come to be seen as the best way to take apart what men with more brains than they had helped womanhood to work on. Women on the left who're concerned about violent mindsets should be wary of how their male counterparts are thinking, because there's leftist men out there who could betray them any moment.

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