Tuesday, September 29, 2015

NYPost: New York City bigwigs can’t get enough of ‘terror’ clock kid

NYPost: New York City bigwigs can’t get enough of ‘terror’ clock kid
The Muslim clock kid who was arrested in Texas after making a timepiece that was mistaken for a bomb was treated like a celebrity during a visit to City Hall on Monday. 
“In New York! So awesome!!!” Texas science whiz Ahmed Mohamed, 14, tweeted this week as his family visited the Big Apple. 
Ahmed received a proclamation from Public Advocate Letitia James, who called him a role model and let him sit in her chair in the council chambers. 
Ahmed also met Mayor Bill de Blasio, who he said told him, “Keep doing what you’re doing.” 
The teen flashed a wide smile as he posed for photos in the ornate chair, known by pols as the “Captain America” chair for its flamboyant upholstering, which resembles the superhero’s shield. 
“Never stop doing dreaming & being you,” James tweeted. 
Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito took the boy and his family on a little tour of City Hall, and Comptroller Scott Stringer presented him with a framed commendation. 
“All students should engage w/ science and technology – Ahmed Mohamed is a role model for all NYers,” Stringer tweeted afterward. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams was also enthusiastic. 
“I’m thrilled to welcome @ItsAhmedMohamed & his love of #science to NYC,” Adams tweeted after meeting the teen outside City Hall. 
“I’ll buy one of his clocks!”


Anonymous said...

no, it's not April Fools...nor The Onion...
City Council Honors Ethel Rosenberg for ‘great bravery’

Always On Watch said...

Buy one of his clocks? Are you kidding me?

What's next? Will the Brits be handing over Big Ben to Ahmed?

Epaminondas said...

Is it 15 minutes yet?

Nicoenarg said...

“I’ll buy one of his clocks!”

Hehe haha aHAHAHAHAH!

Its funny because libs have no guns. Once they've bowed down enough to the muzzles, their heads will be the first ones to fly.