Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Clockmed's Dad, Mohammed Elhassan Mohammed Had Meetings in DC in Early 2015

Cool Clock, Ahmed

This article suggests Clockmed's dad had meetings in DC early in 2015...

PakistanDailyTimes: Mohamed Elhassan: Strong on the Stalk
"Let me bring you up to speed and give a bit of an update on Mohamed Elhassan. He is my friend and we have shared many thoughts regarding his campaign. He is currently engulfed in the presidential race and is on the ground in Sudan. We spend time together between trips from Dallas to Sudan. I sat with him and assisted with crafting his policy voice before his recent meetings in Washington DC, Saudi Arabia and for the current trip to Sudan."
Glenn Beck's iinterview with the mayor of Irving TX reveals Obama congratulated Clockmed before the story/images of his 'invention' hit the msm:

Mayor Van Duyne & Glenn Beck re: Clockmed
ff 18:33 Mayor Van Duyne: “...I know that we had, the school and the city each had meetings with the family on Tuesday. The family cancelled. They were rescheduled for Wednesday at 2:40 they were to meet with the school district. They didn’t. They were just no shows. At 3:30 on Wednesday they were supposed to meet with our police chief and I was going to be at. At the exact same time that they were supposed to be meeting with us they were on their front lawn in a press conference. We had another meeting scheduled on Friday and they were no-shows.”

Glenn Beck: “This is not about getting answers. This is about –“

Mayor Van Duyne: “No. I, we have tried to reach out to the family a number of times, and this was before it ever even hit the paper on Wednesday. The child was arrested, the teenage was arrested on Monday. On Tuesday there was a meeting scheduled, we were told that the meeting was cancelled. They rescheduled it for Wednesday bringing CAIR representatives with them and again, no showed.”

Jim Hanson: “Shocking. CAIR was there ready. They were there ready with hashtags, lawyers, and everything. The kid wouldn’t answer questions when the school was asking them or when the police were asking them but the second the cameras and the microphones turn on, he’s like ‘it’s because my name’s Ahmed. It’s because I have brown skin. It’s because I’m a Muslim.’ the kid was coached.” 

Glenn Beck: “Did you find it interesting that the president was on a story about a school in Irving, Texas – he’s on that story before most of America is even aware of it?”

Mayor Van Duyne“We never even got a call from anybody from the White House asking to verify any of that information. 

In fact, I don’t even think the picture of the ‘hoax bomb’ was released before he tweeted out ‘Cool clock, kid’. ”

NBC: Ahmed Mohamed: Texas Boy's Family Hires Legal Counsel to Get Clock Back

If the school district, mayor/city decide to press charges for fraud does the clock become evidence?


Anonymous said...

Many other suspected bombs are detonated in an open field...just saying

Anonymous said...

via CNN: "Irving police had held onto the clock as evidence, but on Thursday, they told CNN that it's ready for Ahmed to pick it up."

So why hire legal counsel to get the clock back?
What else aren't they telling us?

Unknown said...

U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Political Party Convenes for Inaugural Banquet in Washington, DC Area.

What would be the odds that Ahmed senior was among them?

C T said...

Fingerprint every centimeter of that clock, Irving PD. :)