Monday, February 27, 2017

Amazon's Bezos Has Major Contract With CIA, Also Owns Washington Post, Which Is The Source On All Leaks From CIA On Trump?

Trump Leak Now Points To Bezos’ Hidden $600M Deal With Obama CIA To Feed Washington Post
Cables containing inside information revealing corruption within American politics linked to former secretary of state, and presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. 
The majority of Americans do not know ‘leaked” CIA documents to undermine a new president and administration were leaked through the Washington Post first and after Bezos took the helm of “America’s newspaper.” 
Much worse and even more suspicious is the majority of the people have not been informed that Bezos landed a $600 million federal contract and by who? 
The CIA. The “deal” is for a computing cloud developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It also just happens AWS services all 17 agencies within the US intelligence community.

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