Friday, February 24, 2017

Israeli border guards regularly allowed badly wounded Syrians into Israel and sent them to Israeli hospitals

Because of the Syrian civil war many Syrians have come to see Israel as a friend rather than a threat. For example Israel continues to quietly provide medical care for badly hurt Syrians who show up (usually at night) on the Israeli border. Since 2011 nearly 3,000 Syrians have been treated, most of them in the last two years. Israeli border guards regularly allowed badly wounded Syrians in and sent them to Israeli hospitals for medical care. Until mid-2015 Israel would transport badly wounded Syrians to Israeli hospitals after they showed up at border crossings on the Golan Heights. After 2015 treatment was provided at the border, using a temporary hospital set up there. By 2015 over a thousand Syrians had received such treatment. In 2013 Israel set up a military field hospital on the Golan Heights to deal with the growing number of wounded Syrians. Israel lets some of these in for treatment but considers doing this long-term a security risk. So a heavily guarded field hospital right near the Syrian border is now used to treat all the injured. No Syrians will be moved to the interior because of fears that Islamic terror groups are seeking to infiltrate their people into Israel via the hospital care program.
Why do they do this? Looking to sneak organs for rich american joooze? Or maybe every motherloving moron SJP-SJW-PRO PAL-JEW HATING-IDIOT doesn’t matter under Tikkun Olam. They answer to another authority.
Despite energetic efforts by Islamic terrorist groups in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and the Palestinian territories to destroy it, Israel remains the most peaceful and prosperous nation in the region. The economy continues to grow and economists see GDP increasing four percent in 2017. That is up a bit from 3.8 percent in 2016 and 3.3 percent for 2015. Most of this is due to increased exports. Unemployment remains under five percent. This achievement is increasingly discussed in Arab media, especially in Egypt. In antiquity Egypt was known as a center of scientific study and discovery. That edge disappeared centuries ago and while few Arabs want to discuss openly what has to be done to change it (other than destroying the more advanced West) this edge in productivity and ingenuity is now recognized as a basis for Israeli success. Meanwhile Israel has become a valued, and increasingly recognized openly, Arab ally in the effort to defeat Iranian aggression.
Israeli makes itself useful in many ways. For example Russia and Iran, although now allies, openly disagree over some key items. Russia openly supports Israel’s efforts to defend itself from Iran backed Hezbollah in Lebanon or Iranian missile attacks. Israel apparently launched another attack on Hezbollah early today at targets outside Damascus.
Hmmm, Yakhonts? Israel has warned over and over.

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