Monday, February 20, 2017

The One where the Washington State Trooper is suspended(?) for following federal law

THIS STORY got me thinking.
I’ve been thinking about this whole process.
If federal law REQUIRES that information about illegals arrested for felonies have their information and location transmitted to ICE and states INSTRUCT their employees to refuse to comply with the law ….
  1. Hasn’t SCOTUS already ruled that federal law supersedes LEGISLATED state law (let alone a policy from some boss)?
  2. Aren’t those instructing their employees to violate federal law engaged in a conspiracy to obstruct justice? (of SOME KIND?)
  3. Wouldn’t the entire force of the federal govt entering a state building to arrest on federal charges some Mayor, Police Chief, Governor be a REAL OPTIMAL WAY TO TEST ENDING SANCTUARY CITIES/STATES?
  4. Wouldn’t illegal immigrants seeing this PROCESS unfold, draw the proper conclusions?
  5. Wouldn’t it make it an ideal moment to elucidate BOTH the policy for Dreamers and that our objections are to ILLEGAL immigration, not immigration, which we all still feel the same about … just like 1905?
Just askin’

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