Monday, February 27, 2017

Okay, Hollywood, your ‘fear of other’ arguments are despicable canards

The Wall… The USA welcomes ALL, 100%, every single LEGAL immigrant to the USA. We always have and we always will.
If Farhadi, Streep, and Rich Moore, you think the LAWS are wrong, get off your fat asses making millions and insisting on being paid to wear a gown (or is that the nonexistent #FAKENEWS) and get into the House and Senate and work to change the LAWS.
The Wall is coming into existence (and it WILL or we will have an even LARGER revolt at the voting booth) because presidents, governors, senates, congresses, police, and all of us, did nothing for too long while small and large businesses TOOK EXTORTIONATE ADVANTAGE of people coming here out of desperation and hope for something better ILLEGALLY, until finally criminals among them, and the worldwide terrorist reality made this all intolerable. Everyone on earth does not have American rights, or the right to get here from Bolivia as if they wanted to get a job in Oregon while living in South Carolina.
Iran has been recognized by SEVERAL AMERICAN PRESIDENTS, and SEVERAL SENATES, and SEVERAL CONGRESSES as the #1 terrorist state IN THE WORLD over SEVERAL DECADES. Yet the insulting and offensive speech read to us last night by Anousheh Ansari written by Asghar Farhadi the oscar winning director of THE SALESMAN, was, in fact, IGNORANCE of this unarguable reality. If Farhadi wants an open visa system, he should be in the streets openly against the racist, terrorist government of Iran, and see to their removal. But of course, Farhadi is a celebrated artist in Iran, celebrated by the mullahs’ government.
Every other nation on that list is a non state undergoing anarchy and chaos and without the ability to control it’s borders, people, or land. Is it FEAR of others that we wish to do there what the USA did in northern Iran (aka #KURDISTAN) from 1991 – 2003, and spend our treasure and our blood and see thousands of American families separated for years to ensure safe zones?
I can think of few more offensive or revolting items than having millionaires who are given $200,000 gift bags for appearing for a night out of their millionaire lives, upset they did not also get paid for deigning to wear a certain gown, get out of a limo, surrounded by PAID SECURITY after leaving their mansions, in gated neighborhoods tell me I am a horrible person because the president I voted for I wants to keep out people from other nations, all of whom are in chaos, or whose governments are known haters of America and whose people chant for our death at every turn, or reject and deport felons here illegally.
Kimmel, you get a pass because comedy is satire. But the rest of the morons, take your check and BE GRATEFUL you are not trying to find a job in so many places in the USA where manufacturing CAREERS, not jobs but CAREERS, have turned into empty storefronts. Your objection to our lives is nauseating.

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