Monday, February 20, 2017

Trump Aid Sebastian Gorka On the BBC, Accuses Media of Peddling In Fake News

Damn, Sebastian Gorka is great at this.


Always On Watch said...

Gorka takes no prisoners!

Epaminondas said...

Dream counterjihad team ..Gorka, Walid Phares.

GEVE'EM HELL and make em like it

Always On Watch said...

And the Left (Islamophiliacs) know full well that they are the Dream counterjihad team.

It is Trump's most unforgivable sin that he has appointed such a team.

In fact, I've seen commentary to that effect from certain "journalist" mouthpieces of the establishment GOPe.

Kid said...

BBC World is one of the very brief stops I make on my scan of online news.

This is a site where I have clicked on so few articles, I wonder why I even stop there. If I wasn't so bored lately I wouldn't.

Talk about omission of news in US media, BBC is the poster child. Man, what a pathetic liberal rag.

The page has 105 tops real news spun as far left as they can and 90% absolute junk for people that have dust bunnies for brains.