Sunday, February 26, 2017

Black Woman For Trump: "My Husband Is an Immigrant, I Have Nothing Against Immigrants, The People I Hang With Are Not White Supremacist"

I relate to this woman personally. My WIFE is an immigrant. She came here the right way. And when she became a citizen, she

1) took Civics classes, studied the Constitution, and American History
2) passed a test proving her knowledge on the above subjects

THAT'S how you become a citizen.

Furthermore, my job takes me into the neighborhoods of LA, such as Cudahy, to help people just like the woman in this video. I know what is going on in the streets of greater Los Angeles. this woman is not alone. There are many like her, and I ,and her husband, and my wife.

Fuck you to anyone who plays the intellectually dishonest game of confusing Immigration and ILLEGAL Immigration.

And fuck you to anyone who has called me a racist, or will call me a racist.

I've really fuckin' had it with you people. Go to hell.


Anonymous said...

This is an article about illegal immigrants crossing into Canada for fear of deportation by Trump. I think this has been posted already. However, my takeaway is…these aren’t even Mexican immigrants, they are from the Middle East. How did they get here illegally? Media makes it sound like it’s just the poor Mexicans walking over our southern border but apparently it’s everyone! Anyone from anywhere has been coming in here like it’s ok, either through Mexico or who knows. Plus if they are afraid of Trump, they probably have a lot more to hide than they claim. They also don’t seem very poor looking.

Pastorius said...

Canada deserves them for having elected Trudeau.

Epaminondas said...

Pasto, I advise that keeping your feelings in this way will only damage your fragile psyche. This is a safe space, please let your real feelings out

Pastorius said...

Yes, I've kept it all bottled up for so long ...

(wiping tears from eyes)