Sunday, February 26, 2017

New #DNCChair Tom Perez's Twitter History Shows He's More Concerned About Muslims Than Jobs & Safety

New #DNCChair Tom Perez's twitter history shows that he's more concerned about Muslims than jobs & safety

Related: You simply cannot UNDERSTATE how enormously important this video is. New Zealander, Trevor Loudon is a NATIONAL TREASURE for his monumental efforts to expose & document the communist/Islamic threats within and without the United States of America. 
Enemies Within Here is a rough transcript of a brief snippet from this important video. This link is preset to coincide with the transcript below which begins at 1 hour 24 minutes and 44 seconds:
Look, this is how I see it folks. You can do three things to help save this country.
If the conservatives keep quiet, the communists win.
Demand that your Congressmen support House Resolution 3892 (H.R. 3892 with related S2230), "The Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act of 2015".
Passing this bill will destroy 60 years of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration overnight.
DEMAND that ALL Congressmen and Senators MUST UNDERGO SECURITY BACKGROUND CHECKS before serving on ANY committee.
At least 100 anti-American Congress members and 20 Senators would likely fail such a test. This would have a huge cleansing effect on your government.

VOTE! Get out and vote for pro-Constitution candidates at every level of your government.

Yesterday, you posted "NYT in Full Panic Mode over reports Trump may designate MB a terrorist organization" here.
Now this:
HumanRightsWatch: Coalition of 81 Groups concerned about planned designation of the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization
ForeignPolicy: The Trump Administration's Islamophobic Holy Grail
ElectronicIntifada: US ban on Muslim Brotherhood could bring sweeping civil rights violations
Salon: Anti-Muslim conspiracists escalate campaign to crush Muslim Civil Society organizations 

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