Monday, February 20, 2017

Chris Wallace Shows His Tail

When someone made a complete fool of himself in a dismaying manner, my grandmother, a feisty woman who hailed from the hills of East Tennessee, declared: "He really showed his tail."

On Fox News Sunday on February 19, 2017, Chris Wallace was in a state of high dudgeon:

Hey, Chris! Such a state of high dudgeon is warranted only when the Trump administration takes action against these fake-news "journalists."

Trump's words declaring that certain of the media are an enemy of the people are not action.

And, Chris, "methinks that thou dost protest too much."


midnight rider said...

I saw this last night and was astounded about how unfair and unbalanced he was. More interested in trying to Bash Trump than get the news story right. No one is still getting it that the crime committed was leaking the info themselves. Wallace said he had transcripts. Well, that's the crime and Priebus should have pointed that out.

Always On Watch said...

More interested in trying to Bash Trump than get the news story right.

My impression, too.

Did you notice how dismayed Priebus was?

midnight rider said...

Yup I thought he was going to tell him to pound sand and walk off. And when Wallace said we'll have a better interview next time I was thoroughly disgusted.

Patti said...

Chris Wallace needs to follow Megan Keli and Shepard Smith out the door. We changed the channel when Wallace sounded like a reporter on CNN. Unfair Liberal Bias!

Kid said...

Chris Wallace is a democrat tool and needs to move over to msnbc. Take shep with him.

christian soldier said...

I agree w/ Kid--
don't watch cw or ss-make them go away -
BTW- I got my wish re: megyn kelly- she is gone-- so - go cw and ss !!

christian soldier said...

go AWAY-- that is --cw and ss :-)

Always On Watch said...

Chris Wallace is a democrat tool

Yes, he is.

Always On Watch said...

I call "BS!" on Fox's slogan: "Fair and balanced."