Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A reasonable cut depicted as another Anti Semitic move by Trump? More PROPAGANDA?

This morning amid the news of called in bomb threats to JCC's and Synagogues around the USA I read the following in a tweet.
Dan Shapiro worked for the Obama admin. as an ambassador. He was the ambassador to Israel when the JCPOA was being negotiated, and when UN 2234 was passed and was ordered to resign on the inauguration of Trump. OKAY?

So I went to the State Dept Anti Semitism Envoy (?) page to see what this office does. Ir was formed as part of a 2004 bill, and it COLLECTS REPORTS. It does not advocate. It does not stamp it's feet. It does not make itself obnoxious battling racism. It is a zero activity ADL.

BTW the Bloomberg article has a very different slant, and it is, far more factual in nature.

Trump to Propose 10% Defense Increase in Budget Plan, Aides Say

Trump made boosting defense spending a central tenet of his campaign to win the White House. He has called the U.S. military, the world’s largest, “badly depleted.”
In fact in terms of Defense spending as a part of GDP, we are spending about 1/3 of what JFK was spending. But he was not fighting any wars. and in 1960 had ZERO deployments for war fighting. What are the real issues and depts being cut?
THE EPA The EPA, meanwhile, has been a consistent target for Trump. He’s said the agency has too many regulations that burden companies and cause long delays for businesses trying to get approvals for new factories.

STATE One of the agency’s deputy secretary positions, in charge of management and resources, is expected to be eliminated and its staff reassigned, people familiar with the plan said. Trump and his aides also are reviewing whether to eliminate many special envoy positions, the people said -- diplomatic staff assigned to key regions and issues, including climate change, anti-Semitism and Muslim communities.
So I am weighing the benefit of the govt having some office with staff and a highly paid envoy whose sole function is to collect publicly available information and reports 'sent in' vs a $54bn increase in the defense budget. AYFKM? Send $1m to the FBI marked for an investigation, and catch the morons phoning in bomb threats, and call it even.

And, Mr. Shapiro if you want a signal, we got one with Obama's UN 2234, Obama's holding up Iron Dome interceptor missiles, weapons which can kill no human being, and protect CIVILIANS from HAMAS rockets during the Gaza War, and Obama's refusal to supply Israel with bunker busters while you were negotiating Iran's ability (IF THEY KEEP THE AGREEMENT) to have nukes in 10-15 years.

 I prefer to see Trump cut this USELESS office which boasts not ONE accomplishment, and use the moneys to make our men and women who serve safer, meaner, and more secure, and thereby make US more secure.

This is PRECISELY the kind of tough call I expect him to make.

 Especially if we are going to MOVE the Embassy to the capital of Israel. You know, where King Solomon built the first temple?

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