Thursday, February 23, 2017

Slovakian Model Pees On Koran, and Burns It, Police Arrest Her --- Now Women All Over Slovakia Are Burning The Koran In Solidarity

God! It is so stupid that we have to do such things to toilet train our governments.

But when you gotta go, you gotta go.

From Vlad Tepes:

This video IS in bad taste. But it contains no violence and extremely little nudity, most of which was painstakingly covered by the subtitler. ... a Slovakian model all of 24 years old, made a video for Faceboo ... definitely not illegal in Western democracies, and certainly did not deserve the treatment which followed.   
In it, she urinated on, and then burned a koran on the snow, in Finland. 
And no one was harmed and no property was damaged except her own copy of the koran. 
People close to the family have informed us that Sheila is a card-carrying member of a Nationalist party in Slovakia. 
Many fear that her arrest is a test case, and her conviction will allow the authorities to go after actual sitting members of Parliament of the same party.

According to our source close to the family, she was contacted by the Slovak government shortly after she made the video. 
She then left Finland, where she had been working as a model for five years, and rushed back to Slovakia to speak with authorities who had told her she had better come home to discuss this Facebook video. 
That night, a SWAT team broke into her family home and arrested her and took her to jail. 
Since then, people across Slovakia and even the Czech Republic have been burning korans in sympathy with the young girl and have told the Slovak authorities they will not stop until she is released. 
Below is an ex-Muslim woman who eloquently explains her reasons for supporting her koran burning, while burning one of her own, in the Czech Republic.


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