Friday, January 27, 2006

Listen Up Dhimmis! Saudis Demand Punishment for Cartoons

The absurdity of the Muslims gets better everyday. What a bunch of clowns. Too bad we can't boycott oil, but we are oil addicts, completely addicted. Pathetic. Get the hell out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Stop the jizya, the 'cultural exchange', and build alternative energy as fast as possible. Oh yeah, a fence on the border please.

Is anyone competent pointing out the big picture for Bush and Rice other than muslim apologists and sycophants like David Forte, John Esposito, Bernard Lewis..I could go on but what's the point. And now, we have Condi repositioning Hamas as a 'potential partner.' Good grief. Thanks Bush, for bringing your 'light unto the Mohamedans' to an epoch with the landslide win of Hamas. You said we would accept a Shiite religious party in charge in Iraq. Hezbollah has grown to dominate Lebanon. Now this. Why don't you ask David Forte or Bernard Lewis what to do now?

Meanwhile, here are the Saudis and every wacko Mohamedan organization, demanding punishment and an apology for the cartoons. I say Screw you, Mohamedans.

You idiots, they are ALL OVER THE WEB in thousands of pages. Like Here! Don't they have a computer in Saudi Arabia with an internet connection? I got an idea for the Saudis. Demand that Google remove all these images! Why stop there? Demand the US ban the images from all websites. Yeah, do it. I dare you. I want to see what happens. Let's see which dhimmi states bow down and beg for mercy.

Here's one for the road!

Boycott of Danish Goods Over Blasphemous Cartoons
Javid Hasan & Abdul Hannan Faisal Tago, Arab News

RIYADH, 27 January 2006 — Abdullah Al-Othaim, executive president of Al-Othaim Holding Company, reaffirmed yesterday his company’s boycott of Danish products until that country’s largest daily apologizes for publishing 12 cartoons that mocked the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).


Danish food giant Arla Foods said in Copenhagen yesterday it was being targeted by the Saudi boycott because of the publication of the offensive cartoons.

Arla Foods is Europe’s second-largest dairy company and the leading Danish exporter to Saudi Arabia, where it sells an estimated two billion kroner ($328 million) worth of products every year.


In a statement yesterday, Dr. Saleh Al-Wohaibi, secretary-general of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), called the newspaper’s actions part of “a culture of Islamophobia” and asked the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) member countries to take a firm united stand against such indiscretions by forming a concerted action plan. The OIC and the Muslim World League (MWL) have both issued statements condemning the images.

Al-Wohaibi said WAMY rejects outright any justification behind “such uncivilized behavior in the name of freedom of expression.”

“(The WAMY) firmly believes that all prophets (peace be upon them) should be kept away from derogatory and slanderous attacks, because these were the chosen lot of the Almighty to guide humanity on the right path,” said Wohaibi. “Therefore, mocking at the prophets (peace be upon them) is highly degrading and subverts the call for human values and freedom of faith advocated by the United Nations Charter.”

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), he pointed out, is a role model for Muslims around the world and occupies a supreme position in the hearts and minds of every Muslim, who is ready to sacrifice his life and property for his cause. His love and affection for him far exceeds the love of his family members. [See. Mohammedanism is the correct term, not Muslim.]

“In the light of the principles of our religion and human values, which respect beliefs of other religions and in an effort to soothe the sentiments of the aggrieved Muslim community, WAMY appeals to the governments of the Muslim countries to understand their obligations and responsibilities toward their citizens and launch a campaign to make sure that such inflammatory attacks on Islam and the Prophet do not recur in future,” said Wohaibi.

WAMY also sought an unconditional apology from the governments of Denmark and Norway for their failure to take action against those responsible for the blasphemous cartoons and called on them to commit themselves to the principle of respect for religions.

It also urged the international community and institutions to stand firmly against repetition of such outrageous incidents and punish the culprits who deliberately provoke over one billion Muslims as part of their hostile propaganda against Islam.

Al-Wohabi said: “We would also like to draw the attention of those scholars, thinkers and leaders of the world who are working for the cause of justice and world peace not to ignore such uncivilized behavior that only emboldens the critics of Islam to launch more vituperative attacks against this religion. Sowing such feelings of hatred will only undermine the efforts of some noble souls who are striving to bring nations together for a comprehensive world peace.”


The Danish Embassy in the Kingdom reiterated its government’s stand that condemns any expression, action or indication that attempt to demonize groups of people on the basis of their religion or ethnic background.


The general reaction in Riyadh was that freedom of expression does not mean the freedom to act irresponsibly.

Typical of such comment came from a marketing executive Muneef Ali Mirza who said: “No newspaper or magazine in the Muslim world would ever think of publishing any damaging article against Jesus or Moses or any other prophet (peace be upon them), since all of them are highly respected in Islam. That’s the difference between the Islamic and the Western society.” [Do you see a trend here? A strategy to pass religious hate speech laws in the West for ALL religions. Will the other relgions fall for it?]


“When someone offends the Prophet (pbuh), it is not only just a local problem but also affects Muslims worldwide,” Abdul Wahid Petersen, a leading imam in Denmark, was quoted as saying on Danish public radio.


elmers brother said...

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), he pointed out, is a role model for Muslims around the world and occupies a supreme position in the hearts and minds of every Muslim...

Maybe if you're a pedophile.

Jason Pappas said...

A boycott will alarm every company doing business in Saudi Arabia. After all, no company can control what their fellow citizens think and say. Thus, the risk and cost of doing business in Saudi Arabia will increase.

I suggest we do the opposite and buy Arla. I see from their webstie that Arla has several brands in the USA (White Clover, Rosenborg, Dofino, Denmark's Finest, and Lurpak.)

Kiddo said...

I love it!! Just one thing, I have adopted (pbnuh) for Peace be NOT Upon Him, and it seems to really get under their skin just as does Muhammadan!!

Jason Pappas said...

PBNUH ... very good. I like Mohammadan, too. And it just makes sense. The Koran and Hadith and Sira are by or of Mohammad.

John Sobieski said...

I have always thought it meant 'piss be upon him'.