Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Send a Free E-card to a Family Member or Friend!

Occasionally I have been reading & posting on the Mohammed Cartoons Discussion Forum. It is evolving slowly (some of the people there post messages that are so long they become tiresome to read-- but there are also some good ones). If you have a few minutes, why not stop by and post a brief message or two to support this new message board.

Recently I came across this message:
Hi My name is Dewi Sudarsono, the webmistress of The Altar of Democracy. In order to support the Jyllands-Posten I have included the twelve cartoons on my site. They are available as free ecards and I would encourage everybody to send the cards to all your contacts and friends. It cannot be accepted that the islam-imperialists would be able to blackmail free people into submission.

"It cannot be accepted that the islam-imperialists would be able to blackmail free people into submission." Very well put!

Sending these e-cards to people (and posting a message about these e-cards on your site) does seem like a nice way to support free speech in Europe. (Of course, if this idea started to spread, and huge numbers of emails with these pictures started circulating around the 'net, some Muslims' super-sensitive feelings might be hurt. But then, a few hurt feelings is a small price to pay for freedom of speech, isn't it? :-)


Jason Pappas said...

"The Altar of Democracy" is another great website. Everyday I find anti-jihadist websites that I didn't know existed. I wish we all knew about each other. I wonder how many like-minded people there are out there.

Krishna109 said...

JMJ- Yes, it would be good to occasionally post something there. It seems that, while there are only a few people that actually post there, they have quite a few people reading the posts. Seems like another good way to get ideas across.
Jason: I've noticed that too- there are a lot of anti-jihadist websites-- and a lot of new ones keep appearing. (especially in Europe-- I think that as more & more Europeans have actual personal contact with the Islamofacists, they suddenly begin to realize tht what much of their media has been saying is misleading.)

While "The Altar of Democracy" is European, it is in English-- yet according to a counter there, it seems it has almost no visitors from the U.S. (I imagine now that we've mentioned it here on IBA, it will start getting many more U.S. visitors).