Thursday, January 19, 2006

Jason_Pappas & Krishna109 and Islamic Apologists Go At It

As two of our own, Krishna and Jason really did the Infidel Bloggers Alliance proud!!

Check out their enthusiastic exchange here at Han's Forum here and here.

Not surprisingly, the never ending apologists, had to resort to petty criticism, sarcasm and most importantly, side stepping the main argument. They never really countered any real points.

Good job Jason and Krishna!! You make us all proud!!

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Jason Pappas said...

Thanks. I thought his manner and complete refusal to read anything critical of Islam showed his unreasonableness to anyone who was watching the debate. Hopefully, I motivated those new to the subject to check out some of the books I suggest.

I also followed Krishna's suggestion. I stuck to a few important points and didn't overload the reader. Hopefully, just enough to make the reader suspicious of the common rationalizations by Islamic appologists.