Friday, January 27, 2006

Buy Danish And Norwegian Products!

An update on the boycott being threatened by the Ummah against Denmark and Norway over the publishing of the Mohamed cartoons. It looks like the boycott is now official, with certain Islamic sites listing products for Muslims to collectively NOT buy :

Click either picture for the Infovlad link. Oh, and make sure you go out of your way to buy all the products listed above ;)


Krishna109 said...

Guess the Saudis won't be able to eat those delicious Danish hams anymore! And, no more Carlsberg or Tuborg!!! (There's nothing quite like a Ham & Swiss sandwich accompanied by a chilled Danish beer-- especially after a long hot day looking for oil in the Saudi desert).

On a more serious note: I intend to look over that list, and make a shopping list of things I will personally buy to support free speech-- and email a message to people I know.

Jason Pappas said...

Right on! I will buy some of those products or ... I will crash Krinhna's party!

Krishna109 said...

Here's an idea-- have a bunch of friends over for a "Support Freedom of Speech in Denmark Party". Make it a Smorrebrod-- start with Ackavit, have all sorts of wonderful Danish food & drink!

Btw, I recently signed up for Flickr (online photo "sharing"). Someone recently posted some of the cartoons, & there is a "virtual" message battle going on. Today, someone posted this on one the Cartoons' comment section:

It starts off in Arabic, but later is in other languages-- all sorts of nice pictures of Danish products (no scantily clad Danish infidel women, however). Looks like a list of things for the boycott.

I'm about to head out to my local supermarket-- I think I will print it out and take it with me-- it will be interesting to see how many of the products I normally buy I can replace with something similar from Denmark.

Anonymous said...

maybe this should be a nice lesson for western people to re-think before make any jokes or humours. without using brain, surely not laughs which will be created, but 1.3 million dollars per-day loss.
like waht happen in arlafoods now.