Sunday, January 15, 2006


From The Astute Blogger:


"To believe the left, Bush is Hitler, Cheney is Hitler, Ashcroft is Hitler, Rumsfeld is Hitler, but the guy with the mustache who gasses people and hates Jews and wants to conquer the world isn't Hitler. Go figure."

Miller's pithy quote accurately depicts a basic prblem with today's post modern Left. Today's Leftist places more value in figurative comparisons, analogies and over-the-top papier macher guerilla theater than literal relations.

That islamofascist jihadoterrorists actually explicitly call for genocide and totalitarianism - and use genocidal attacks against fellow Muslims (Shias and Sufis), Hindus (in India), Buddhists (in Thailand), as well as Jews and Christians - is denied by today's Left, as is the fact that Bush has actually liberated 60 million Muslims from tyranny. The upside-down/inside-out insanity of their position is truly Orwellian, to say the least.

They fear and hate Bush more than they fear the jihadoterrorists. For instance, they believe that Bush has created a police state even though his expanded use of POTUS/CiC war-time powers has been far more benign than presidents they adore: for example, FDR (who put 50,000 American citizens in concentration camps during WW2); or Lincoln (who suspended habeus corpus during the US Civil War).

In fact, Bush has used his war-time powers less than ANY other war-time president, EVER. The Left's formulation is indefensible ON BOTH COUNTS! In fact, Bush is better than they believe, and the enemy worse. IOW: the Left couldn't be more wrong. Or deluded.


Krishna109 said...

First of all: I love those two pictures! Fantastic!

The article is right on. In a democracy, it is expected that the "other" political party will have disagreements with the President, differences of opinion. This is quite legitimate.

However, much of the Left today has gone so far beyond this. Their hatred of Bush is not matter based upon differences of opinion-- in many cases it is a form of mental illness. Delusion is an accurate description.

They don't realize that their extreme wierdness has the effect of scaring some of the "moderates" and "independents"-- even some people who would normally vote Democratic have been voting the other way. In many cases its not because they prefer the Republican Party's positions on issues, but rather they are voting against what has become the deluded (& dangerous) thinking of the Democratic Party.

Pastorius said...

You said:

"even some people who would normally vote Democratic have been voting the other way."

Yeah, like me.

I had been a registered Democrat all my life. I'm in my forties. I even worked for the Democratic Party in the 1990's.

But, when they started siding with anti-Semitic, and anti-American freaks, I hightailed it the hell out of there, and I can't ever imagine returning.

elmers brother said...

I know one moonbat who said that the Bush administration was Satanic and by association anyone who voted for him was satanic. 50,000,000+ Satan worshippers can't be wrong eh?

Pastorius said...

All hail the Mighty Bushitler, Destroyer of Worlds.