Thursday, January 26, 2006

Video Clips & Slideshows About the "Palestinians"

Fatah Kids Preparing for Murder

For more information about the special meaning that this
salute has for Arabs, click the picture. (There is a lot of
information there).

Well, the "Palestinians' are having an election, which may or may not lead to change. Generally, there are two periods when the Palis become very violent-- during periods of change, and during periods when things stay the same. Since either is now possible, I would expect violence to increase greatly after the election.

In addition, there's a good chance that whoever loses will feel humiliated by defeat. In fact, with these people, its quite probable that even those who win will find a way of feeling humiliated by that experience! Feeling humiliated is a big deal here-- feeling humiliated is very "politically correct" in "Shame Based Cultures".

And, when these people feel humiliated, they tend to become very, very angry!!! And, when they become angry, they become very violent. (In many cases, they have even been known to massacre large numbers of totally innocent civilians-- preferably Jews, of course, but if none are available, they will murder just about anyone who's convenient-- "suspected collaborators", daughters who have brought "dishonor" to their families by having the nerve to let themselves get raped, etc.)

Remember, its a "Shame Based Culture"-- "shame', dishonor", and 'humiliation" go hand in hand. Things that we would tolerate in western cultures are often seen as cause for feeling "humiliated".

For all these reasons, then, I thought that this might be a good time to post some links to a few short online slideshows and video clips that I have found to be among the most helpful in understanding this bizarre culture:

1. In a Nutshell A short online slideshow. One of the best presentations of the history of Israel & "Palestine" I've seen.
2. Nutshell Too More re: the History.
3. Imagine Shows the impact of terrorism on ordinary peoples's lives
4. Concept Wizard Homepage Several more excellent slideshows by the people who created those listed above
5.When Palestinians Say "End the Occupation", What Do They Mean?"
6. Video clip of the original CNN Report: Palestinians Celebrate 911
7. Friday Sermon, Official Palestine TV: Dr. Halabiya
8. Friday sermon, Official Palestine TV: Mudayris (A different approach toward the Pali Friday sermon)
9.Pallywood A slightly longer clip, documenting how Pali's fake stories for the news media.
10. Interview with a suicide bombers' mother Excellent insights as to the way Islam influences her thinking.

I think it is important that as many people as possible see these, so, if you have a blog, please consider posting links to some of these there, so as to make this information available. Also, consider possibly forwarding a few of these links to your email lists.

The more people that are able to have this information available, the better.

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