Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The prison vs the country club

I've mentioned before that in a prison the walls are to keep people in while in a country club the walls exist to keep people out.

Most religions have walls to keep people out. Walls such as rules, practices and demands. Yet people scale these walls to get in because they believe that by getting in they will find something better. Whether or not this is a case of the grass just being a little greener when viewed over a fence, it's hard to say but that does not change the perception of those climbing the high walls.

It is only in a prison faith where things are so bad that people will scale the walls to get out. Yet it is only in the most depraved of concentration camps where fellow inmates will pull any escapee back, where the salivating guard dogs and rifle toting gestapo are actually fellow prisoners.

Where would we find such a prison faith? Well Malaysia is one place you can start. Again an Islamic judge is allowed to hear matters related to Islam. This is neither a classy thing nor does it even whisper of impartial justice. Are there no non-Muslim judges who could have presided or was a friendly judge bought in to ensure there would be no mistake in the decision? Who knows but it sure looks fishy from where I am.

Court won’t hear case on renunciation

KUALA LUMPUR: A woman failed to get a High Court here to declare that she had renounced Islam.

High Court Justice Md Raus Sharif struck out Asiah Begam Nahurghani's case yesterday following an application by Federal Territory Religious Council, which was named as the defendant in the summons.


Pastorius said...

Very good post, MaoBi. Good writing. Your metaphors of prison and country club really bring out the truth. Thanks.

Diva Reen said...

I am Malaysian, born into Islam. I didnt have a choice about that, but now I have no choice, I have to be Muslim forever. Islam is my prison, and the walls are very high. It's tough to get out but not impossible.

Epaminondas said...

What about leaving Maylasia?

The land of Mahathir does not really seem someplace hospitable to ideas about religious freedom (unless of course one thinks dhimmis have religious freedom).