Saturday, January 28, 2006

Infidel Comedy

Dag gets off one of the best lines ever here on IBA. A few of us had been discussing the Blue Revolution, and commenting that the idea of meeting people wearing a blue scarf just didn't seem very "American," or in Papa Ray's case, it didn't seem it would go over very well with the men in Texas.

Dag's reply:

I'm not suggesting that people wear anything one way or another, blue scarves or pink touques, but I am suggesting that we make ourselves known publically to anyone at a glance that we are against fascist Islam.

And if you worry about people laughing at you for wearing a blue scarf in Texas, think how silly you'll look with no head on top of it.

Point well taken. That would be pretty silly, wouldn't it? I mean, where would you put your cowboy hat?


Kiddo said...

I do love this idea as I've been tring to propose and organize something as a grass-roots effort for the 11th of each month, at least here in the states, as protest against islamo-fascism. I am going with the UAC rally for now, but still hope to grow my Vigils for 9/11--We are Still Angry idea into something.

My platform is fairly similar to the UAC one actually, but I haven't posted my plan on my Blogger blog, only on my old one "Strange Girl", which is linked on my Blogger blog.

Anyone interested, please let me know. I'll post the article URL in a sec.....

Kiddo said...

Just my plot. If no one likes it, eh, I stand in the cold by myself. Otherwise, let me know:

Papa Ray said...

Thanks guys, I needed that.

Now, if you girls will quit trying to be cute for a minute.

I will say it again.

"We offer our opinion to complete strangers anyway, we don't need much help there" what I said. We don't need to be walking around eyeing people for what they got on. If you have something to say here, you say it. Of course if you speak mexican you can say it to twice as many people here.

The only ones down here that ain't gonna have a place to hang their hats is going to be the "true believers" of the Cult of Islam.

A 12 gauge will take care of that.

But they will never make it down here. There is too much, fresh easy meat to the north and in California.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Papa Ray said...

Oh, I forgot something.

Dag, if you ever get a vacation and have the money, come down to West Texas and visit sometime.

I have an idea, you have led a sheltered life, come down here and live a little on the wild side.

We will make you welcome and you will have a good time for sure.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Pastorius said...

Papa Ray,
I didn't post this to make fun of you. I just thought it was funny.

Dag has hardly led a sheltered life. He's lived all over the world. But, he sure doesn't seem to understand Americans. In that, I am totally with you.

My opinion on this blue scarf thing is the same as yours. Let's get it out in the open, out from behind the PC curtain:

To the American sensibility, the idea of arranging a meeting with other guys, where you'll all know each other by the blue scarf you are wearing seems


Warning: PC Disclaimer Ahead

Now, just so anyone who hasn't read my blog for long enough accuses me of homophobia, understand, I actually have many friends who are gay. I have worked in entertainment and media my whole life. I have nothing against gay people. But, I am not gay, and I don't want to portray myself as gay.

Ok, now that we've gotten that out of the way.

Dag said...

Papa Ray and those others who don't know I'm from Idaho, you all gotta listen up: So far as I know I'm from the only state in the Union that rhymes with "I dunno."

My sheltered life, and no, you don't know me and I don't expect that you should, is lived in bomb shelters and war zones of all sorts. I seldom get back home to live a normal life. El Paso, that's normal. But we are islands in the world, islands cut off from the way it is and has been forever. We are revolutionaries in history. We think of ourselves as normal and usual, but we are not. We are totally diffeerent from all other people until 1750, a few hundred years ago; and now the world wants to drag us back from the Modernity that we make.

I've written about this daily for close to a year. If you want to know what America is like, start at the end of May, read about William Walker. Not a Texican but a man from Tenn. Still, one American is an American regardless. I see America from afar. I see it sometimes far more clearly than those of us living at home.

As far as a blue scarf, yeah is not my choice. Those who know electrical diagrams might know of the phaze shift symbol. That's my choice: a circle inside a triangle with a horizontal bar running through it.

Rangers? They're men who ride the range, the open land. Texas Rangers. Rangers who range around the world from here to there. Papa Ray, don't you be inviting me to Texas unless you mean it.

Pastorius said...

The problem with this whole discussion is it doesn't matter what the f%&k anyone wears. All that matters is that we all start talking.

All the stuff about what we should wear is just a joke that became a tangent.

Ok, so guys, what would you like me to wear?

Do I look fat in this scarf?

Dag said...

I look fat even when I'm naked.

You're right about the fashion statements. Meet some people. That's the point. Meet people and know you're going to be serious about doing something specific to put a stop in jihad craziness in our world.

what canm we do? We can meet to pass out graphics of Mohammed, and explain that Muslims want to do da'wa in our publicly funded schools but boycott Denmark over this kind of nonsense. We owe it to ourselves to look like fools on the street if it'll bring people to understand that it's serious.

If we give people the chance, nine out of ten will tell us they hate Islam but they were afraid to let anyone know.

Not everyone in Texas hates Islam. One Texican was arrested for supplying money to HAMAS. How did he make his money? The citizens and shoppers of Texas went to his stores and paid out a lot of bucks for his--carpets. He owned the largest carpet store chain in the state. Who'd know?

Then talk about it. Sit at McDonald's and go naked into that good night.

Hope you all make it out on Thursday. I met some people who are, to be discrete, connected. You might meet people who'll become your firends. There's nothing to lose.

Pastorius said...

What's Thursday, Dag? I'm out of it.