Monday, January 30, 2006

Support Free Speech-- BUY DANISH! (more information)

Monsted Cavern from iGourmet

Monsted Cavern is so named because it is aged underground in the Monsted limestone cave in the central part of Denmark's Jutland peninsula. In this cave, a constant temperature of 45ºF and a constant humidity of 95% are naturally maintained year round. This climatic consistency yields an excellent product because the cheese is not subjected to environmental changes during aging. Monsted Cavern has a strong taste, and tickles the roof of your mouth like an aged Cheddar or Swiss. With a flavor all its own, Monsted Cavern is a surprisingly unique and delicious cheese.

In addition to those mentioned in the original article posted here on IBA about the "Buy Danish" campaign, I have posted more information about specific products to look for in your local stores, as well as three sites for shopping for Danish products online.

This is a worthy cause-- let's all make plans buy more Danish Products.


John Sobieski said...

I posted the same at Pedestrian Infidel. I figure it will hit the big time news next week. Funny, 4 months on the web, and has barely made it into the MSM's sight. What does that say about the MSM?

elmers brother said...

Patrick at Clarity and Resolve has made a .gif that he is asking people to put on their sites.

You can get it here.

Krishna109 said...

Nice job-- Patrick outdid himself! (Btw, he also has some really creative buttons to post on weblog's to link to Clarity & Resolve).