Sunday, January 22, 2006

Terror Videos: From The Muslim Community

Some real progressive voices over at British Muslim forum (umma = Muslim community), we have some jihadi videos from Iraq, to show his fellow 'brothers' and 'sisters'. I haven't watched any of them myself but feel free...

One particular heart-warming comment from from terrorist-loving-scum 'UmmMusab';
"I Do Not Regard Kaafir Aid Workers to Be Innocent at All in Iraq or in any Muslim Land"

See the kind of mentality we need to deal with here? What pisses me off is where is the Main Stream Media? Where's the 'investigative journalism'? You can bet your kuffar ass that if it was white supremacist videos they'd be on the case in a shot. But they're 'Muslims' so we have to sensitive to their terrorist needs. I'm not insuating all Muslims are like this (in the UK it's about 6%) but you only need one Islamozombie to blow up a lot of people. And there's a notable lack of refutation from the hoardes of moderate Muslims on these forums... Via LGF. [Cross posted at DrunkenBlogging]

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