Thursday, January 26, 2006

Dutch End Muslim Immigration (Slyly)

The Dutch have effectively put an end to Muslim immigration, well, at least the backward, pious Muslim immigrant. I have to admire the Dutch. They have done this so cleverly. First, anyone who wants to immigrate must pass a Dutch exam in their country. You have to know some Dutch, some Dutch history, and don't even bother thinking about immigration if you can't speak Dutch! It's great. In one fell swoop, all those arranged marriage, ignorant, illiterate slave wives are gone. They'll never get through the first exam. Oh, and even if they do, then there will be more exams when they arrive. Both the Germans and the Dutch are moving along quite nicely to eliminate the riffraff immigrants that only want to move to the Netherlands to live off the state and spit at the infidels while they await the caliph to rescue them from the offensive infidels. In essence, these creative immigration laws do one thing - those immigrants who want a free ticket to the West and are not willing to work hard to meet immigration standards, they can't get in. This is part of a two pronged strategy I see developing. First, potential immigrants who will be a burden and highly antagonistic to integration are to be eliminated. Second, current immigrants are going to find you just can't sit around for five to seven years living off the infidel's treasury and then go pickup your citizenship papers. You gotta earn it, and prove you are an asset to Western society. I hope America enacts similar laws but the chances right now are very low.

From the Brussels Journal -

Dutch Introduce Exams for Immigrants, Consider Army Drill for Youths
From the desk of Paul Belien on Sat, 2006-01-21 20:46

This week the Dutch Parliament voted a bill which obliges immigrants to pass a compulsory exam. The Dutch Parliament is also in favour of a proposal to have troublesome youths disciplined and drilled by the army.

From 1 March onwards people who want to settle in the Netherlands (e.g. to join family members or to marry someone living there) will have to pass a preliminary test at the Dutch embassy in their country of origin. In this so-called “integration test” the immigrants have to prove that they have sufficient knowledge of the Dutch language and the geography, history and political system of the Netherlands. The fee for taking the test is 350 euros. Those who do not pass are not allowed to enter the Netherlands. Those who do pass have only taken the first hurdle. After their arrival in the Netherlands they will have to pass a second – more difficult – exam.

The exams are part of a bill proposed by Rita Verdonk, the Minister for lntegration. The Dutch House of Representatives approved the bill on Thursday. The Dutch Senate had done so last month. The Netherlands is the first country to subject immigrants to exams. Last year the Danish government, too, announced plans to significantly curb the flow of immigrants from third-world countries.


Krishna109 said...

There's a good article by Daniel Pipes re: the Germans.
Here's more on the problem in Holland.

Kiddo said...

Wow, how'd you guys slip something Dutch by me?? Hahaha....

Work is underway to get the written works of Pim Fortuyn translated and published here. It is a struggle, but it just might happen now.

Rick Darby said...

Very sly, as you say. Dutch is a tough language, and even in Europe virtually no one outside The Netherlands speaks it -- one reason why most of the Dutch learn English is so they have a common language with Brits and Americans as well as many other Europeans.

Maybe there really is an extreme point at which Western countries have no choice but to acknowledge the problems caused by mass immigration of Muslims and decide to knock it off. If this keeps up, the U.S. and U.K. may find themselves at the top of the list of suckers who still don't get it.

LD said...

there are exceptions to this test that frankly make no sence. seems iran will not have to view the explicit part of the film becasue of their national laws, and those making over 54k a year are also exempt.