Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Why Condi Will Fall for Hamas' Taqiyya

Anyone who reads the Hamas-Palestine news articles will see subtle 'shifts' in Hamas rhetoric. Lots of discussions about 'truces' and focus on Palestinian misery if the aid is stopped. It is all taqiyya. There will be no real promises, no real committments to end violence. There will be some statement of 'co-existence' for a period depending on such and such conditions. It is all taqiyya. And Condi will fall for it.

Why is this? Condi has never studied Islam. If you asked her about the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah, she would say 'what's that?' If you asked her what is the 'universal message of Islam', a term I have seen several times lately, she would say "Peace and justice." She couldn't be more wrong. I don't even think she knows what the 'ummah' is and what its global concept means. It means NOTHING for a Muslim to lie and make committments they never intend to keep. Especially with infidels.

Dhimwits like Condi cannot grasp that the laws and goals of Islam overrule everything. She cannot grasp the concept of taqiyya and strategic retreat to jihad another day. She does not know what 'jizya' means, much less what dhimmitude is. She does not understand that returning the land Israel occupies to the Dar al Islam is paramount and never, ever will be compromised or forgotten. This concept Condi cannot understand.

Hamas' charter is Islam focused. They are fighting the jihad in every way. Hamas will tell Condi and the EUdhimmis 'sorta' what they want, but it will have so many exit clauses and conditions, it will be meaningless except to Condi and the EUdhimmis. For example, they will say we will recognize Israel if Israel returns to the 1967 'borders', give up East Jerusalem, and do this and do that. Amazingly, Condi and the EUdhimmis will take this meaningless piece of paper, and, like PM Neville Chamberlain before them, wave it in the air and say 'See, see, see, peace in our time.'

Many will say I am cynical and pessimistic. But I know Condi has not studied Islam beyond some Armstrong-Esposito romance novel, and in her own words after the Hamas victory said '"I've asked why nobody saw it coming...It does say something about us not having a good enough pulse."

You see, Condi thinks there are two Islams, good Islam and bad Islam. If only.

Another problem is inability to think out of the box. Fact: Palestine is a cesspool of terrorists, tribal warfare, and deep cult penetration. False Assumption: If the West does not finance the Palestinians, they will turn to Iran. What is wrong with that? Right now, Iran just has to finance terror runs and weapons. The West is doing the food and drink and spending money. I say let them have all the re$ponsibility. This isn't some vast geographic landscape like Afghanistan. Give it a chance. Israel may suffer horrific suicide bombings you say? Would they not if we continue to supply the food, drink and spending money. I say give it a go. But not Condi. She can't see that because she is islamo-ignorant. I know what you are thinking, 'She is not ignorant, she's smart.' Is she? If you understand all the items above, and you were Condi, would you fall for this 'Hudaybiyyah Treaty'.

I may be wrong. She won't fall for it. We can always hope. If I am wrong, I will admit it gladly.

In case you don't know, for Islam, peace will be achieved when the world is for Mohamedans, and Mohamedans only. Infidels are to be converted, enslaved (dhimmitude), or murdered. That's the justice part. Not exactly what Condi thinks,is it?


Pastorius said...

Hi John,
Note that Zawahiri said in his message yesterday, "You know where I am now? Among Muslims."

His point was that everyday ordinary Muslims would never rat him out, because they agree with him.

He's trying to tell us that they ALL agree. But, we are not listening.

Jason Pappas said...

John, I've been having the same thoughts. She is susceptible to taqiyya. I hope there is a popular outcry if she does cave. There is also the possibility that Hamas can't lie well enough and we get lucky. But, remember, they only have to lie in English.

I’ve been writing my representatives telling them that “giving Hamas a chance” is absurd given who they are. It is not a reasonable suggestion given their nature. Why ask them to lie to us?

We can get Congress to prohibit all aid just like they did in the 1980s with respect to the Contras. This would tie the hands of the executive branch, period. And I include the back door of "humanitarian aid." Not one cent to terrorists.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

You gotta hand it to our enemies, they know how to perfectly exploit our weaknesses. With just the right noises and the right-sounding, carefully crafted language, they can get the dhimmis in the EU and at Foggy Bottom to listen sympathetically to them. Once their foot is in the door, 'humanitarian aid' and 'financial assistance' to the terrorists can't be that far behind. Even simple food and humanitarian aid sent to terrorists can be used against us, as aid sent to North Korea and Saddam's Iraq plainly demonstrate. Those tyrants found (and they continue to find) many ways to leverage such aid against their enemies--selling the food on the black market is one example of this. How can anyone believe for one second that any aid sent to Hamas is going to be any different?

The dhimmi diplomats are desperate for anything plausible from the Jihadists. It's obvious and sickening.

No aid for terrorists and the people who vote for them.

Anonymous said...

What the muslim world really needs is more leeders of the like of Atatürk. It needs visionarys and especially moderates.

To me Mahmoud Abbas is one of them. As long as he is President there is a chance for peace with Israel.
What the EU and US diplomats should try to do is and give him and other moderates all the credit for every diplomatc success that would benefit the Palestinians and discredit Hamas by making it responsible for every failure.
I know it might seem very simplistic but the battle front is in the hearts and minds of ordinary muslims. Win it with moderates and I think we would have a good chance in "defeating" radicalisme.
And in the end would that really be so untrue and wrong. These fundementalists hate us so much...how many innocents have they killed in the NAME OF GOD!!!. Just look at what's happening in Irak, what happened after the Mahommed carictures that were published in Europe ,and how life is (especially for women) in a perfect islamic state such as Iran, or in Afghanistan before the coalition intervention. Thety do not seek peace with us or with Israel and they never will.


Pastorius said...

I don't agree that Mahmoud Abbas is a visionary, or a moderate.

Here, read this: