Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Iraqi WMD

Following with the issue that Pastorius introduced in this post, I have made some interesting findings. There is a lot of information that you can just find just clicking here.

By the way, after a lot of problems with blogger -mainly the template but there were others-, the three of us -we are three people now writing on my blog- have moved to a brand-new server. The adress is here. I have imported all the posts I have written to this day to the new blog. We hope you will like it.


JMJ said...

Unfortunately, no English for us limited Americans? Did I miss the "English" link?

Looks pretty cool though!!

Spanish Eowyn said...


Firstly, there is English, although some posts are written in Spanish. But in nearly all posts there is a link to an English-written page, if not mainly written in English.

But you have to understand that all main information is in English nowadays, and we have to translate it into Spanish where this item is nearly a taboo. Most people in Spain do not know English and, as a result, the news you are commenting here does not even reach their eyes. So we are intending to remedy that.

Well, I will tell this to my fellow bloggers in order to ensure that all posts have at least a summary or something in English.

Papa Ray said...

Those lying eyes...people don't believe most of what they read on blogs. At least the ones we are trying to convince.

If its not on a liberal MSM news site, they don't even want to see it.

Preaching to the choir wastes time. Do like I do and post on left leaning or indepmoderate blogs.

It sometimes upsets them and they delete your post, but at least they had to read it to get upset.

Try it.

Or if your brave, post on Islamic blogs, you will only get a few dozen death threats.

I just delete them.

Papa Ray
West Texas