Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Muslims Must Learn The Boundaries Of Civilized Behavior

Dag is publishing some good Mohammed cartoons as well. Here's what he has to say about why he posts them:

I hope it's clear that I post these photographs of Mohammed because Muslims must learn the boundaries of civilized behaviour; and since they do not have boundaries in the West, because we move aside any time they kill at random, they continue to rampage and murder; thus, to confront them with their limits we must make it clear to our own that we demand limits.

Islam is the problem it is because we in the West allow it to be so. Since most won't do a danmed thing to make the situation better, we here do our part to make it so bad that we won't be able to ignore it any longer.

It might not seem helpful today but in the long term we think this will save lives and bring peace to the greater world.

I feel exactly the same way, although I could never have articulated it as well as Dag. Dag's the man.


Pastorius said...

Yes, our leaders do, don't they?

I don't see any apologies here, though.

Dag said...

I wrote a longish comment at a Belgian Internet newspaper today on the same theme, and it passed the muster there. In spite of my seeming ill temper I am capable of reasonable behaviour when I need it. That is also good for our European friends who appear to be desperate for news of their homelands. The numbers of vistors are rocketing upwards like I cannot believe. That has nothing to do with my sparkling prose becoming clearer but it is only because the Europeans are sick of being lied to by their local media.

I do believe that if we give people the chance to meet each other, by organising our bleue scarf meeting at McDonald's, then they will find that "face time" will give them courage to openly express the silent frustration they feel they cannot express in the privacy of their own homes and workplaces.

I'll be meeting again with my cohorts and comrades this Thursday at McD. at Main and Terminal sts. in Vancouver, Canada at 7-9:00 pm. We'll discuss the Islamic treatment of women, and very likely the free speech issue now in Europe.

"Face time." That is what brought about the Islamic surge we experience today, when lunatics from around the world met in Afghanistan face to face to see that they had in common the personal madness that brought them hence. We, the sane and the decent, must have that face time too to make our counter-play.

We need each other's eye contact to know how deeply we are right.

Meanwhile, we blog. I thank all of you who've done graphic work that I have posted, and there is more yet to do. Please keep it coming as you will:


Pastorius said...

If you want to post about the Blue Scarf meetings here at IBA, you let me know. Our traffic is surging as well, and much of it is from Europe. You're right, they want real news, and they are looking for it wherever they can find it.

Always On Watch said...

Pastorius: Our traffic is surging as well, and much of it is from Europe. You're right, they want real news, and they are looking for it wherever they can find it.

A hopeful sign!