Saturday, January 21, 2006

Religion Of Tolerance

This article from the BBC doesn't use the word "Youths" to describe the perpetrators for a change, but as usual they do include a justification for the Islamic violence (4th paragraph from the bottom) :

At least 12 people were injured in clashes in Upper Egypt when a group of Muslims attempted to stop Christians converting a house into a church.

Security officials said the Muslims set fire to building materials for the building in Odaysat, near Luxor.

Several members of both communities were reported injured in the subsequent clashes, as well as two policemen.

It is the latest in a series of violent sectarian incidents in Egypt in the past few months.

A security source quoted by Reuters said the Christians did not have official permission to build the church.


Police arrested 10 young men and the owners of the house, reports say.

Correspondents say curbs on building churches have been one of the main grievances among Copts, although these restrictions have been eased recently by presidential decree.

The Coptic Christian community is believed to make up 10% percent of Egypt's population of about 70 million.


Always On Watch said...

A security source quoted by Reuters said the Christians did not have official permission to build the church.

Well, that makes it okay then, to burn down the building. (sarcasm)

Kiddo said...

I know some Copts. They moved to the USA to escape this exact kind of torture. They're also the ones who told us that the quran in Arabic is so much more frightening and violent in it's tone towards us infidels that non-Arabic speakers can't even IMAGINE it, even with complete familiarity with the English translations or the quran and the hadiths.

And no, I don't leave certain words uncapitalized out of laziness, but to show my utter DISRESPECT for those words.

I also walk on my lovely antique wool muslim prayer mat that I use as an area rug with my female infidel feet. Hahahahaha.

Pastorius said...

Ah, you're a female and your are Pim's Ghost. Heh, that's good.

You should introduce yourself and your namesake and what Pim Fortuyn means to you. Alot of people don't know who Pim was.

Kiddo said...

Where'd my response go? I'm not that much of a ghost.....

Kiddo said...

OK, well as for me, I'm a computer idiot, but learning. I never wrote anything until I created my AOL blog (linked on my blogger site, Strange Girl) on 5 Dec. 05, but I guess I had a lot of rants building up seeing as I read constantly. My Mom found you guys through her research about the Siege of Vienna (she's also a proud infidel) through which she discovered the Gates of Vienna site, which is how I discovered that I was not alone out here! Prior to that the only person I was corresponding with about my ideas was Daniel Pipes, and I'm obviously too small-time to contribute to what he does in any meaningful way, but he is very nice and gives good advice. Discovering that there are like-minded researchers/commentators on the islamic threat out there has been one of the most comforting discoveries I've made.

Now, since my last post disappeared and I'm a computer dunce, I'm going to publish this now just to be sure....forgive me, this is all very new to me.

Kiddo said...

It worked! Now to answer Pastorius's question about Pim Fortuyn!

Pim Fortuyn was my idol, a man who gave me hope when all seemed so dim after 9/11. He was a Dutch sociology Professor who saw the writing on the wall and decided to act. He understood clearly that his country's policy of being so tolerant as to tolerate intolerance itself was becoming a danger to his very nation and his way of life.

Pim was openly gay, quite flamboyant and full of charisma that brought life back into Dutch politics, and was hardly the "far-right" politician that he was maligned as being. His discomfort at the number of attacks on Dutch gays prompted him to form his own political party, Lijst Pim Fortuyn. The popularity of his party frightened many in The Netherlands as well as Europe, who's journalists included him on lists of "far-right" politicians along with Jorg Haider and Jean-Marie Le Pen, obviously with no basis in fact.

His platform was in fact anti-immigration and nationalist, but from the liberal standpoint of preserving the culture of tolerance that the Dutch had built and did not want to see carried away, especially by "guest workers" who were simply failing to leave but attacking homosexual men and uncovered Dutch natives who were simply going about their lives as non-muslims. Threats against Pim increased and he was even pied by a group of far-left activists (the pies contained urine and feces).

Pim Fortuyn was shot to death on 5 May 2002 by a far left animal rights activist named Volkert Van Der Graaf to, in Volkert's words, "protect the muslims". The murder, however woke up much of Dutch society to the political situation that they were now to be faced with.

After Pim's murder, politicians Geert Wilders and Ayaan Hirsi Ali were elected and continue his fight. Theo Van Gogh made his films about Pim's murder and about Hirsi Ali and islam, 6/5/02 and Submission, respectively, and spoke out continuously in interviews and books about harassment and violence by muslim immigrants against Dutch natives. He was slaughtered by a gang of Moroccan thugs right on the street. It was a ritual slaying, almost a "halal" slaughter this time, with their note of intent knifed into Van Gogh's chest.

And now Amsterdam is once again on alert (I posted a story about this on my blog, but it is elsewere as well) because of attacks against Jews by muslims.

Pim Fortuyn and his electric charisma showed the world briefly a spirit that personified beauty and conviction to me, and his murder left me with the conviction to keep mourning, but also to keep fighting.

I will add Pim links to my site, although English ones are rare.

Sorry about the lengthy post, but I wanted to answer Pastorius in full.

Pastorius said...

Don't apologize. Pim was a great man. I'm glad you told us why he inspired you. He also inspired me.

Krishna109 said...

pim's ghost: I think its great that you are writing about Pim. Most Americans know practically nothing about him. (I remember how the media distorted the truth, and said he was a right wing extremist because he wanted limits on immigration . . .).

There are lots of great blogs out there with similar views to your own. If you go to any of the member blogs from the Infidel Bloggers Alliance, you will see we all have lists of links (on our blogs)to our favorite blogs...quite a few good ones.

I would also recommend registering your blog (they call it "claiming" your blog)with Technorati ( That will let lots more people know about your blog. After you register, you can also check there every few days to see who has linked to you-- this is a good way that you can discover other blogs with similar interests. (They also have some other nice features, such as a watch list, tag system, and a blog search engine).

It is also a good idea to go there every time you post a new article and ping them.

Kiddo said...

Krishna, the advice is so sweet and hopefully will help me, but so much is over my head at the moment. I need to slow down and learn so much! I don't even know what "ping them" means! But I'll try it all anyway! I just tried to change the HTML to add an image and it didn't work, so I changed it back. We learn by doing. Thanks for the consideration, however!

Kiddo said...

Thanks again, mission accomplished, and to use Pim's line "At Your Service!" With all of the advice you guys are giving me I may end up a computer programmer even!! Heck, I ended up a writer/blogger by accident, I might as well do something by learning how!

Thank you so much!!

Pastorius said...

I don't know what "ping them" means either.

J said...

technically, when you ping someone, you are sending them a small packet of data, which is sent back, usually to check the repsonse time of your/their connection.

When you ping your site through technorati, you are alerting them that your site has been updated.