Thursday, December 27, 2007

Shortcut to Nuclear Caliphate - Pakistan

MMA, Taliban, Al Qaeda, or a Musharraf Reichstag fire assassination attempt?

As aides say at 8:30 AM EST she is dead, the attack, the REPEATED attacks on Ms Bhutto make it clear what is at stake in the nation with nuclear weapons and the living result of oil revenue by the Al Saud, funding the Al Sheikh (Ibn Wahab family) thruough 2 generations of young people's learning of hate.

Pakistan's madrassahs have created their own HAMAS.

Musharraf is now (provided HE didn't do it) faced with a situation in which an election is a complete joke. The MMA sitting silently, among a panoply of Talibaneque murderers await.

Musharraf, frankly needs to take the army and wipe out the ISI, and the entire fundamentalist ideal in Pakistan without hesitation.


Short of this, the utter ruthlessness and sheer audactiy evident in the REPEATED attempts on Bhutto, on Musharraf and the continued lawless wild west of the Islamic Emirate of Waziristan and it's incredible neighbor states will push this situatuion beyond repair.

The time has come for the usual roundup of suspects, the usual set of actions, the usual set of reactions to end, and for Musharraf to act.

Otherwise concerns of Israel attacking Iran, will be DWARFED by the prospect of what pakistan retains in stockpile to be raided, acquired or otherwise purloined in an immediate fashion, and for AQ Khan to restart.

The world awaits.


Anonymous said...

It's almost surreal. A country with such a political mess, with Musharaf hanging in power by a thread, a country where at least two huge regions - waziristan and baluchistan - are totally out of the government control, posesses nuclear weapons. It just cannot get more surreal than that.

Pastorius said...

I don't know much about Pakistan. However, if they elected Bhutto Prime Minister twice before, then they are not your average Muslim nation. India is a rarity in the world for having elected female leaders. It would seem to me the fact that Pakistan had also done so would indicate that they must have retained some of their Hindu culture.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I think that’s history.

The Western part of Pakistan, Waziristan, is semi-autonomous. It is a fundamentalist breeding grounds.

Let’s remember that Pakistan created and installed the Taliban in Afghanistan. There are pro-Taliban individuals in Pakistan’s ISI and its military.

The jihadists have also been operating in the eastern border against India, especially in Kashmir.

The educated secular old-guard is in retreat.

Remember our old friend (I forget his name Eteratz?) who used to frequent this venue talking about creating a new moderate Islam? Remember his story about visiting his childhood home in Pakistan and the vast cultural changes?

While Pakistan was created as an Islamic nation, it was originally Muslim in name only as far as government policy was concerned. Like India, it had British influence. However, after 60 years it has slowly become a dark fundamentalist country where religion is expanding to darken every corner and every soul.

Can it be salvaged or is the decay too far? I’m not hopeful.

Pastorius said...

From what I can tell, wherever Islam is given power things get darker.

This is why I don't understand the Filipino appeasement of Islam in Mindanao, or the Israeli appeasement of Islam in the West Bank or Gaza. It just doesn't make sense given the history.

I guess, from one point of view, it makes sense. That is, if you can't get along with a people, then sepapate from them.

But, Pakistan and Gaza are good examples of what happens when one takes that as the solution.

The other solution? Well, as frightening as Gaza and Pakistan are, I guess the other solution is too frightening to contemplate.