Thursday, December 27, 2007

Video: Free the Women of Islam

I found the following video, about four minutes in length and set to the music and words of "You Don't Own Me," at this posting over at Atlas Shrugs:

YouTube link

Material in the video is based on the following cases:

Amandeep Singh Atwal [CBC News, Canada]

Samaira Aziz [BBC]

Aqsa Parvez [City News, Canada]

Fadime Sahindal [CNN]

Hina Saleem [BBC]

Heshu Yones [Telegraph]

Farrukh Saleem [Daily Times, Pakistan]

Where is the outcry from the women's groups and various humanitarian organizations? Oh, that's right. Mustn't commit the hate crime of Islamophobia.


Always On Watch said...

Note: One case involved a Sikh, not a Muslim.

Anonymous said...

To this I could probably add the latest case I published about on my blog, although the girl in that story survived and it happened in Afghanistan. Horrifying nonetheless:

Anonymous said...

Why not simply a support to make free women from Islam.
Why does a new God has to come in here?
If in this movie there was no swap from the rules of the god Allah to the prayers to the god God I would recommand this video to many others.

Always On Watch said...

Considering that the Koran is the final and immutable LITERAL word of Allah and that the Hadith are nearly as revered, separating the misogyny from Allah is a Herculean task--and a task which Muslims should have undertaken centuries ago.