Thursday, December 27, 2007

When I saw it in an Email from Daniel Pipes I thought way...

NY SUN:The editor in chief of Israel's Ha'aretz newspaper, David Landau, confirmed yesterday that he has pleaded with Secretary of State Rice to "rape" Israel and its neighbors into resolving their problems.

What is it about the HAMAS charter that is hard for complete morons to understand?

Man cannot negotiate away what god gave the muslims under Umar.
The palestinian people BELIEVE this to be true.
Therefore nothing Condi, Olmert, or anyone on this planet can do will assuage HAMAS, and the Palestinian people who freely elected them except the extinction of Israel.

Of course since the suicidal dhimmi Mr. Landau ALSO told Ms Rice that that 'shitty little country' was already a "failed state"

The comment, which was made during a gathering of 20 Israeli leaders — including academic, military, and press figures — at the home of the American ambassador in Tel Aviv, Richard Jones, was criticized in the last few days by Israeli- and American-based Jewish leaders. The gathering, during one of Ms. Rice's visits to the region several months ago, was convened at her request, so she could hear a wide range of Israeli views, Mr. Landau said.

"'Rape' is a word in the English language," Mr. Landau told The New York Sun yesterday as he reconstructed the event. He said several people, "from the right and from the left," spoke at the dinner, and that when his turn came, he said, "Israel, after 40 years of failing to resolve its problem of occupation," needed a push from America. "Rape it into resolving the problem," he told Ms. Rice.

Some of the participants apparently did not like the comment, Mr. Landau said, and relayed it to one of Israel's leading television reporters, Ehud Yaari, who since then has aired the quote on Israeli TV without attribution, although Mr. Landau said he had never asked that his name be concealed. "I don't go back on what I said," he said, adding that he had published similar sentiments for decades.

Even as a Jerusalem Post cub reporter in the 1970s, he said, he had pleaded with the then-undersecretary of state, Joseph Cisco, to "squeeze" Israel and the rest of the Middle East's warring parties, so they could achieve peace.


Pastorius said...

Well, there you go. That guy just sealed the deal. His name will go down in history as among the leading lights of anti-Semitism.

Unknown said...

As an Israeli who speaks a perfect Hebrew, I can tell you that this moron Landau translated the expression of "raping someone into something" while the meaning was "forcing". There is a misunderstanding over this word "rape" in Hebrew. Having said that, I do not believe for quite a second that Landau did not know WHAT and HOW he was paraphrasing it, and I am almost sure that his intentions was to shock.

This trick (of shocking by statements) is used very often by the Israeli leftards to draw attention and cause an uproar especially lately, because they and their political views became utterly marginalized in our society

As you definitely know, Haaretz is a newspaper of radical left. I personally am glad it exists and I'm reading it every day. Ever time I read it, I see how correct I am in my views, and how far these guys are from reality. I recommend the English online version of Haaretz, especially the comments (talkbacks) made by the regular readers. Incredible stuff, unbelievable expression of hatred, self-hatred
and just plain stupidity.

Their "Economy" section is not bad though.