Monday, December 17, 2007

It's Gonna Take A Lotta Guns

... the West is suffering from an insidious ideological assault from the outside by fundamentalist Islam that could result in profound societal damage, while at the same time we are, from the inside, undermining our core values and traditions. We are not experiencing a clash of civilizations, but an overt attempt to dismantle the worldwide status quo. The West is vulnerable, because it has failed to recognize that survival hinges on being intolerant to the intolerant and acknowledging the superiority of our way of life and the exceptionalism of America.

We will probably be unable to change the Islamists and alter their three-pronged prescription for non-Muslims - death, subjugation or conversion - but we can prevent them from changing us. Through our “enlightened” democracy and lack of cultural protectionism, we are inadvertently aiding their cause. Our ability to fight has been severely weakened by the enlightened principles of tolerance and multiculturalism that we have grown to cherish and by a lack of group cohesiveness and respect for our common values and accomplishments.

Yes, it will take group cohesiveness and respect for our values and accomplishments. Yes, yes, that is true.

But, even more, it will take guns, big guns, and lots of them if we are to defeat Islam. Hell, we'll probably have to throw in some big bombs as well.

The group cohesiveness will come from the charge we'll get killing those who so offend us.

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